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Veterans Today, in my opinion, is getting into some issues a little more deeply, recently, and it strengthens their enormous contribution to those of us who are interested in how our world actually works. Thanks, guys.

Gordon Duff counselled readers to read this when you have the time and are in an absorption mode. I took his advice. It’s a backgrounder on how Trump came to be who and what he is. Simply put, he’s a product of Roy Cohn:

We are going to lay out the materials below, leading to the heart of the JFK and RFK killings and the virtual takeover of the United States by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, as Preston James has so aptly named it. We are going to trace Cohn’s life and his early protégés like Ronald Reagan, whom he shuttled into the presidency, to his conquests from the 1980s.

It was Cohn, co-founder of the Mossad who elevated George W. Bush to the presidency along with Louis M. Bloomfield, who founded the Mossad, hardly an Israeli organisation. The Mossad was never Israeli, the Mossad was the purest expression of Rothschild control partnered with organised crime that founded the CIA, ran the FBI under Hoover and of course, MI6 as well.

It was Cohn who chose presidents, overthrew governments and ordered assassinations. The Clay Shaw trial documents from the movie JFK, whose suppression stopped the real investigation of the Kennedy assassination lead directly to Roy Cohn. It was Cohn’s organisation whose protégés include Benjamin Netanyahu, George W Bush and Donald Trump, that planned and executed 9-11.

It was Cohn’s group that gave Israel nuclear weapons, just as it was Cohn’s group that gave Russia nuclear weapons. It was Cohn’s group and his protégé Viktor Bout that gave the RKM nuclear weapons, it was their nuclear weapon facility in South Africa, run by Cohn/Bout operative Johann Meyer that processed the stolen American nuclear pits.

The Meyer operation with financing by the Canadian Bronfman cartel and Cohn protégé Muammar Gaddafi became a nuclear power in their own right, you see, it was Cohn’s CIA that put Gaddafi in power in 1979, it was Cohn’s CIA that ran Gladio out of the alleged IRA training camps in Libya; it was Cohn protégé Reagan that provided cover through his bogus false flag bombing campaign against Libya.

It was Cohn at the heart of Iran-Contra, it was Cohn’s organisation that invented Al-Qaeda and ISIS; if you want to see the mechanism used, go to 2005, look at Gen. Petraeus and the ‘Sunni Awakening’ or go back 20 years to Iran-Contra, Secord and North (and Wanta) and then go forward ten years to the Bin Laden project and the Metropolitan Club, whose first outing was the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

Cohn’s organisations, which include the ADL, JDL, PNAC and JINSA, hosted the ‘art students’, brought in the Saudis, now thrown to the wolves as fall guys. Today’s manifestations – the American Enterprise Institute, the Institute for the Study of War, the Heritage Foundation, Infowars, the Jamestown Foundation, the Potomac Foundation, PJ Media and last, but not least – everything Trump.

End of quote.

Now I had forgotten about Roy Cohn, though I did not understand the extent of his power and evil as revealed in this excellent article. I had read a piece by the late and extraordinary (and hence dead) Michael Collins Piper entitled Who Towers Behind Trump, which mentions Roy Cohn, given a useful revisit in today’s VT, as I was more focussed on the Rothschild/Rockefeller connections that Cohn fronted for. Indeed, it was on the basis of Piper’s article that I have argued that Trump was as much owned by the global elite as “Killary” is, and this VT article puts substantial flesh on those bones.

Mind you, I can only think that Duff was playing with us when he wrote:

Much to the dismay of the ‘Jewish conspiracy’ theorists, there is nothing Jewish about this; Roy Cohn hated Jews, he hated Jews because they are weak, he hated Jews as ‘effeminate’, he hated Jews like the Rosenbergs because their liberal values made them easy to manipulate; this is why there has been a seamless link between Jewish and Italian-American organised crime since the early 1960s when Cohn took the reins.

End of quote.

I hope you had your tongue firmly in your cheek when you wrote that, Gordon, given Cohn and the whole team he fronted for was Jewish every way to Sunday (or should that be to the Sabbath), including Cohn (a derivative of Cohen) himself.

And I love how this article lays out how the CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc. are all the one creation and actually representing the Rothschild interests, as I’ve said many times. And, also, how the mob is controlled by the Jews. The Italian picture is defined by Hollywood. I’m not saying the Italians are not and have not been involved, but the likes of Cohn and Meyer Lansky have been painted out of the picture, in the best Jewish tradition.

But it was Cohn’s intertwined relationship with J. Edgar Hoover that got me wondering. Who WAS Hoover, really? Well, his mother was Anna Marie (née Scheitlin; 1860–1938). Now,  Scheitlin does not show up on my ready list of Jewish surnames, though it raises questions for me, but his grandmother, Margaret Hitz, strikes gold. And if you abide by the modern Jewish principle that the maternal line determines Jewishness, Hoover was a crypto Jew. Well, what a surprise. As Wikipedia states, Hoover’s maternal great-uncle, John Hitz, was a Swiss honorary consul general to the United States. And this article suggests the FBI had important Jewish roots before the emergence of Hoover.

And let’s not get distracted by Cohn sacrificing the Rosenbergs. The Jews have long been willing to sacrifice a few foot soldiers “for the greater good”. Indeed, Israel Shahak explains how the Jewish elite and their rabbis have treated lesser Jews mercilessly, which I want to expand on when time allows, so this sacrifice is entirely within the model and explains many other elements in the way the elite have manipulated the average Jew around the globe for centuries for their own purposes.

So, this VT article is very timely, illustrating that both Presidential candidates are agents of the same “Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, as Preston James has so aptly named it”.

And they have controlled who is President of the United States at least since the time of Woodrow Wilson. The mistake JFK made was that he thought he had some power and independence. This, despite knowing who made him President.

And those who still want to argue “Trump vs. Clinton” in either direction have got caught in the hoopla and have missed the point entirely. Only a move out of this Jewish created ideology called democracy, a false game set up to distract the public from where the REAL power is, has any hope of freedom from their control. I’m not saying I have the answer, but I can say categorically that what we have is not it.


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