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If you are familiar with the wonderful documentary series “The Pyramid Code”, then you may know that it was the creation of Dr. Carmen Boulter. Above all else, perhaps, its greatest gift was to record some of the understandings of the extraordinary Egyptian Wisdom Keeper, the late Abd’el Hakim Awyan. However, there are many wonderful, erudite scholars who contributed to this outstanding series.

Thankfully, Boulter has not rested on her laurels. Currently, she is working on the finalisation of a new series called “The New Atlantis” which, as she describes it, starts before and extends forward from “The Pyramid Code”.

Recently, I came across a series of four interviews given by Boulter with Daniel Liszt, who calls himself “Dark Journalist”, two posted in 2016, the other two this year, which provide a wonderful background to the journey that Boulter has walked, and some of the breathtaking discoveries that will be included in “The New Atlantis”.

I found this series particularly enlightening since Boulter shares quite a bit about how she works; marrying her past life awareness, her intuition and her guidance by beings beyond this dimension with her undoubted practice of tight scientific discipline. For me, this is the perfect way to engage the scientific process; being open to the bigger picture of who and what we are and allowing this to flow through unfettered to establish a context within which to apply the scientific method.

Here are a few of the things she shared:

  • Organic material between the third and fourth quarters of the Bosnian Pyramid has been dated to 38,000 years ago, which is before what is known as “The Flood”.
  • It is coming to light that there is a network of pyramids around the planet including two in South Africa, one in Serbia and one in Indonesia.
  • There have been four known catastrophic events in human history; an asteroid event some 13,500 years ago, a major solar flare event some 17,500 years ago, a flood event some 58,000 years ago and another event some 85,000 years ago. Clearly, human history is much older than we are told, as I have talked about many times, most notably in regard to the work of Graham Hancock.
  • There is a temple in Java, which she called something like Penakadam? (I can’t find anything on it – if you have something on it, please share it with me), which contains materials relating to various groups around the world including Mayan, Vedic Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, Sumerian and Greek, all in one temple. She observes that each of these groups has their own astronomy, pyramid building, cosmology, sacred geometry and a vast knowledge of science, with each one expressing these things in their own style. This connects in with the idea, which I support, that the Atlantean civilisation was in fact global, but its heart was in what is known as Atlantis. She says there is a growing body of evidence that Atlantis may well have been in the area of Indonesia, which would include this temple.
  • Boulter’s proposition is that, in response to one of the catastrophes or foreknowledge of the final catastrophe, each of these groups were sent forth from Atlantis to various parts of the world, having developed these unique expressions whilst all present in Atlantis. However, I find it hard to imagine that these very diverse cultures and traditions would have evolved together in one location. Rather, it makes more sense to me that these geographically dispersed cultures expressed elements of their own traditions in Atlantis, which was the pinnacle of the civilisation, in this one temple as an expression of their underlying commonality and yet their diversity, perhaps to inform us today of their underlying interconnection, placed in a temple that would not be flooded.
  • Extraordinary Egyptian artefacts have just been discovered in Turkey, including a cartouche and gold figurines of Akhenaten, Isis, Osiris, Thoth and others. Boulter had some phone photographs before she had to hurriedly leave the area due to military activity.

Although the newly identified sunken continent that is being called Zealandia does not encompass Indonesia, just lowering the sea level to where it was during the last ice age as shown in this map is enough to see much of that area above sea level.

Here are the four interviews:

Interview 1 published on Apr 28, 2016

Interview 2 published on May 11, 2016

Interview 3 published on Jan 26, 2017

Interview 4 published on Feb 23, 2017

I commend them to you.

In my opinion, this work and other work like it is critical to breaking out of the psyop we have been placed in, trying to persuade us that humanity was in caves 10,000 years ago and our current civilisation represents humanity’s highest achievement.

Simply nonsense. And intentional, careful crafted nonsense, being reinforced daily by the intentional destruction of any evidence to the contrary. But they’ve failed to destroy it all and it will come out as part of humanity’s awakening to the truth of who and what we are.


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