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I’ve stopped writing about false flag events because they’re almost daily. And if you haven’t figured out, yet, that all of these public violence events and the whole terrorism thing is contrived, then I’m not sure why you read my stuff. And our world is presented to us like the horrific levels of individual mind control and programming that goes on doesn’t actually exist, not to mention the decades long readjustments in normality that we are subjected to, reinforced by today’s version of political correctness. This stuff almost makes me scream. But most people are oblivious to it all. I watch most people in the gym I go to staring blankly at the large TV screens in front of them, having no clue how programmed they are. As the saying goes, no-one rebels against the jail when they think they are free. Aldous Huxley was right on the money.

But I digress.

However, this one I just couldn’t ignore.

It seems Esteban Santiago, today’s patsy responsible for the Ft. Lauderdale shoot-up, wandered off the reservation:

It has also been revealed that FBI agents took Santiago’s gun off him when he went into an Alaska field office in November to say the government was controlling his mind.

But it was returned to him just a month later, and law enforcement will not reveal why. Sources told CNN he used the same weapon in the airport attack.

The alleged shooter was also left off all the no-fly lists and was allowed to check in his gun before Friday’s attack.

End of quote.

Does it get more blatant?

Some days, despair at the average person’s level of stupor does creep in.

It’s been a long day…


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