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Fiona Barnett has released her documentary on the satanic ritual abuses she experienced as a child and as a teenager. Fiona describes not only her own abuse but some of the abuses and human sacrifices she witnessed, along with the locations of many of those sacrifices.

And Fiona names names.

Here is Part 1 of Candy Girl and here is Part 2.

As I watched this, I was struck by the intelligence, courage, humour and groundedness of Fiona. It has probably been these elements that have enabled her to heal and the courage to tell this story and reach out to others who suffered – and are still alive – at the hands of these horrific people who occupy positions of power in our world. Of course, the legal system considers her an unreliable witness because she has had mental health issues. Surprise, surprise.

I ask especially my Aussie readers to watch this documentary but, really, everyone who reads this.

Candy Girl gives us a glimpse of the hidden world that controls the world we see. I have pointed to this many times, but most of us simply can’t contemplate that this horror exists behind the façade we are presented with every day. Well, my friends, it does, and it will continue to until the rest of us shine the light of our awareness and understanding upon it and refuse to take the mirage we are presented with by religion and politics and other expressions of power in our world to be real.

And don’t expect this system to ever act upon the evidence Fiona has provided in her affidavits to the police or evidence to Royal Commissions or this documentary. They will never expose the power that controls them.

And to my readers who are connected to the legal system, the military, the police, politics, local government, religion, medicine, psychiatry, education, business, film, sport, theatre, etc.; your “profession” is implicated in Fiona’s evidence.

Thank you, Fiona, for you courage, your commitment and your dedication, and what a joy to meet your daughter; a beautiful, balanced young woman, through this glimpse of your past.

May your journey and your documentary serve to awaken the slumbering world to this reality.

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