Fukushima radiation apparently causing horrific abnormalities in seals and walruses

Those responsible for the Fukushima event must be proud of their handiwork:

Incidental Gross Necropsy Findings in Subsistence-Harvested Ice Seals and Walruses

  • Reproductive system: adnexal cysts [uterus], uterine and penile melanosis [darkening of skin], cliteromegaly [enlarged clitoris], cryptorchism [testicle(s) absent from scrotum], retained placenta;
    • Endocrine system
    : thyroid cysts, adrenal nodules;
    • Musculoskeletal system: synovial cyst [fluid-filled sacs in spine due to degeneration];
    • Integumentary system
    : panniculitis [inflammation of fatty tissue], epidermal molt, skin sloughing;
    • Respiratory system
    : lung tumor, parasitic granulomas [inflammation that forms when immune system is unable to eliminate a substance];
    • Digestive system
    : microdontia [teeth smaller than normal], chronic interstitial pancreatitis [inflammation of pancreas], hepatic cyst [liver], cholestatic jaundice [yellowing of skin caused by thickening of bile or problems in liver], geophagia [eating dirt], and primary diffuse peritoneal tumor [membrane lining abdomen];
    A variety of the observed disease conditions are reported for the first time in ice seals and/or walruses.
    • The majority of observed conditions in our material is classified as benign and are mostly inconsequential to the health of the harvested animals.

End of quote.

Sometimes despair is the only thing I feel when I consider what is being done to our beautiful planet and its truly extraordinary balance of life. Such a wonder it is and such horrific abuse.

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