Gunman hunted after deadly assault on US disability centre

US police say a suspected gunman is still at large but two others have been “dealt with” after at least 14 people were killed in a shooting attack at a disability centre near Los Angeles.

Understand that these shootings – real or fake but nevertheless false flags – will stop when the guns have been taken from the public as a result of public clamouring for it to be done. It took one event in Australia, the Port Arthur Massacre (for which there clear evidence the “crazed lone gunman” story is just that). The US is a very different beast and so we have this ongoing campaign.

Of course, this is not about getting rid of guns, just those held by the gullible public. Criminals always manage to get them, or haven’t you noticed? And, of course, the police and the military get to keep theirs – for our protection, of course…

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