Harry Cooper: “Hitler In Argentina”

The official story is that Hitler died in his bunker in Berlin at the end of WWII, but there have long been stories that he escaped to Argentina.

Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State speaking about more current times, says that these deposed leaders such Saddam Hussein are not killed off, but quietly repatriated out and live out their lives in peace.

It seems it was true back in Hitler’s time, also. This recent article reveals the evidence in FBI files that Hitler went to Argentina.

Far more powerful, however, is the amazing, on the ground work by Harry Cooper. Harry shares the story with Jeff Rense in this interview introducing his book entitled “Hitler In Argentina“. When you listen to this interview in which he describes meeting many people in Argentina who knew Hitler was there, along with many other senior German WWII officials, you will be in no doubt.

This story is a powerful illustration that WWII was not conducted for the reasons we are told, nor is the Western propaganda we are fed about it accurate. Remember, these horrific events are created by the global elite who control the world’s banking for their own ends.

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