Health myth busted! Low-fat dairy promotes weight gain, heart disease and diabetes

As highlighted by Dr. Chris Kresser on his blog, a series of recent studies conclusively shows that consumption of low- and non-fat dairy products encourages the formation of metabolic disease and everything that it entails, including obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease.
A meta-analysis of 16 studies, in fact, co-authored by Dr. Stephen Guyenet, one of Dr. Kresser’s colleagues, found that all of these risk factors are directly associated with low- and non-fat dairy consumption. Conversely, full-fat dairy consumption was found to be associated with a decreased risk of all of these conditions.

No-one seems to consider that many Europeans consume significant amounts of cheese, made from unpasteurised milk and show much lower rates of heart disease and diabetes than the American, etc. counterparts. Perhaps people will begin to look at who is behind the creation of the food pyramid containing so much grain and so little saturated fats. Hint – it’s not in your best interest. Rediscovering the dietary habits of our grandparents, including the same ingredient quality, is a good start.

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