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I have spent a lot of time over the last 3 or so years seeking to understand how our world works and why. When you look, the evidence is unmistakeable and overwhelming. But most people either can’t see it because of their beliefs or don’t want to see it because to acknowledge it would have them question so many things they take to be true about life, which brings us back to beliefs. As I’ve said many times, most of us take ourselves to be our beliefs because we have not built a sense of ourselves within that generates an understanding of Self that is beyond our beliefs and our current life experience.

I recently read “Tragedy and Hope 101” by Joseph Plummer (2014), in which he wrote the following:

“If Operation Gladio had been conceived and directed by the Nazis, most people would have no problem believing every despicable detail. Why? Because most people accept that the Nazis were psychotic criminals who engaged in countless violations of human rights and that they had no respect for freedom or “democracy.” Learning of additional crimes wouldn’t disrupt the average person’s world view at all…far from it. Confirmation bias would kick in, and the individual would experience the psychological rewards of having their world view confirmed.

But what happens when, instead of the Nazis, it’s the United States Government that is accused of countless violations of human rights? What happens when the presumed guardian of freedom and democracy is accused of using terrorism and murder to circumvent both? Now, confirmation bias begins working in reverse. The individual’s deeply held beliefs about America’s morality are challenged. There are no psychological rewards for even considering the charges, let alone accepting them. Faced with this threat to their world view, many will immediately reject the accusations as ridiculous. They will angrily defend the good name of America and shower the accuser in hatred and condemnation.

The Network knows this. Countless university studies (along with secret operations like MK Ultra) have provided their experts an understanding of human psychology that exceeds anything we can comfortably imagine.”

End of quote.

This gets it quite well, in my opinion.

And the model I have unfolded is that all the major transformative events and processes of our world for the last several hundred years form part of the same hidden plan. So, I found the following recent article by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, to express a very similar understanding of things to my own:

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” – J. Edgar Hoover

I have been trying to understand and expose both the 9/11 and man-caused global warming deceptions for many years. To this end, I have spent countless hours researching, writing articles, and compiling pertinent information on my,, and websites. I’ve long suspected that one day it might become obvious that both of these terror-deceptions derive from the same source and serve the same basic ends. I also dared to hoped that someday it might be possible to summarize this research in just a few pages. Voilà! The following is my first attempt to synthesize the most pertinent conclusions from the above websites.

Pertinent Background: Understanding the 9/11, global warming, and many other “false-flag, state-sponsored, synthetic terror” frauds requires some understanding of history and the Judeo-Babylonian “Synagogue of Satan” and its innumerable minions, secret societies, cults, and false religions. It requires some understanding of the modus operandi – that is, the fundamental tricks and lies of the occult Judeo/Babylonian/Satanic system and its main sources of political power, including the Judeo-Babylonian financial system. Those who lack an understanding of these elements may find it difficult, even impossible, to understand the significance and ultimate objectives of the 9/11 and global warming operations…

…That said, overwhelming evidence indicates that the United Nations was/is intended to be the prototypical one-world government; Judeo-Masonic Satanism is to be the one-world religion; and the New World Order capital is to be in Jerusalem. And Satan’s principal tools, now as always, are deception and terror.

The Global Warming Fraud: The man-caused global warming deception, which forms the centerpiece of the phony environmental movement, was initially devised by The Report from Iron Mountain and the Club of Rome think tanks. This fraud provides: 1) a pretext for the United Nations to tax and control all economic activity by controlling usage of hydrocarbon fuels, and thus to become the de facto one-world government; 2) the cover story and funding platform for geoengineering/ chemtrail/ weather warfare depopulation programs now being implemented worldwide by the UN and cooperating governments; and 3) a justification for imposition of UN Agenda 21 (“Agenda for the 21st Century” aka Agenda 2030), which aims to control all aspects of human life and thus usher in the “Jewish Utopia”/ “Jewish World Empire”/ “Tikkun Olam” (Hebrew for “reinvention of the world”), i.e., the one-world Luciferian government/religion system.

Operation 9/11: The 9/11 false-flag terror attacks were contrived and executed by think tanks and military/intelligence forces on behalf of Israel and other elements of the “Synagogue of Satan.” Major roles were/are played by the Jewish-American “neo-conservatives”/ Project for the New American Century (PNAC) group, which has dictated policy to the Bush II and Obama White Houses, as well as high-ranking members of Congress/ military/ intelligence and other treasonous elements within the U.S. government. 9/11 is still being covered up by the Jew-controlled media and American government. Operation 9/11 serves as a pretext for: 1) the phony and endless “war on terrorism” at home and abroad, which is bankrupting America financially, politically, culturally, and spiritually; 2) prosecuting a series of wars of aggression, on behalf of Israel, to destroy Arab nations in order to create “greater Israel”; and 3) imposition of a global counterintelligence Cheka/Gestapo police state that targets innocent civilians (Christians, dissidents, etc.) for elimination in worldwide gang-stalking operations. This global police state is backed by almost limitless funding, and is being implemented by innumerable organizations (Dept. of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, military intelligence agencies, and local police LEIUs) and vast networks of citizen spies, secret-society spies, sayanim spies, and spies from certain religions, cults, etc. The global mind-control/ gang-stalking programs employ sophisticated electronic weapons (HAARP, GWEN towers, “non-lethal weapons,” etc.). These systems and technologies comprise other powerful means for mass genocide/depopulation.

It is especially important for citizens to understand that Anglo–American–Israeli elites have long created and controlled their designated “enemy,” “terrorist groups,” etc., including the Nazis, the Mujahideen, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and now ISIS. It is also essential to understand that there have been many other state-sponsored, synthetic, false-flag terror events and “war triggers” in addition to Operation 9/11, including the sinking of the USS Maine (Spanish–American War trigger), the sinking of the RMS Lusitania (World War I trigger), the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident (Vietnam War trigger), the 7/7 London bombings, the Oklahoma City bombings, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombings, the recent Paris and Belgium terrorist attacks, as well as many other staged incidents designed to create fear at home, and direct war policies and “counterterrorism” against designated enemies at home and abroad.

End of quote.

Not everything that Karlstrom has written do I agree with, but the broad thrust of his article is completely in alignment with my understanding of how our world has been directed if you have but eyes to see. And some of you reading this do not, for the reasons I spell out above. And until more do, nothing will change.

I commend the rest of this article to you.

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