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This fascinating article by Gordon Duff says that part of the nuclear deal with Iran is the transfer of details of Mehran Keshe’s technology, presumably as it has been implemented by Iran, to the United States, and Israel and those who represent their interests are intent on stopping it. This makes perfect sense to me.

I have written extensively about Keshe’s technology and that Iran (his homeland) has been working with it for several years and demonstrated its capability by capturing a state of the art CIA drone by plucking it out of the air unharmed in December 2011 and they repeated the exercise a year later with a more mundane American drone. Further, the United States became a signatory to gain access to the Keshe technology on the day that Obama was re-elected. So, if Gordon’s story is accurate, which I believe it to be, then this agreement is about access to Iran’s implementation and know how surrounding the Keshe technology, not access to the technology itself.

So, this does make me wonder what somebody apparently stealing the technology from the Keshe Foundation could do, since Keshe makes his technology available to everyone.

In simple terms, the Keshe technology has the ability to transform life as we know it and also how we understand it. For example, Einstein persuaded us that the speed of light is the fastest thing around, whereas Keshe says it’s pretty slow in the scheme of things, and that light is not what we take it to be…

As I’ve said before, we live in interesting times. I commend Gordon’s article to you.

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