Massive radiation spike at Fukushima

If it’s not in the mainstream news, it tends to fall out of people’s awareness. And so it is with the travesty committed at Fukushima, this man-made, massive radioactive pollution of our biosphere. We may forget about it, but the radioactive products continue to pour into the sea and underground aquifers.

This article shares with us that the readings taken on November 13, 2014 have spiked massively in just 10 days:

Cs-134 @ 920 Bq/L
Up over 40,000% in 10 days
Previous record @ 110 Bq/L

Cs-137 @ 3,000 Bq/L
Up over 40,000% in 10 days
Previous record @ 250 Bq/L

Mn-54 @ 110 Bq/L
Up over 2,000% in 10 days

Gross Beta @ 3,200,000 Bq/L
Up over 1,000% in 10 days

Are we all going to stand by and watch this, whilst there are solutions available to at least mitigate the effects?

It seems so. Some people have moved from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere to avoid this pollution.

As I’ve said before, I do not expect issues such as this to be addressed in this consciousness. A change is needed for humanity to survive and prosper.

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