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I am sharing with you a range of perspectives on the death of Maurice Strong, because this NWO gopher was not well known and his influence on our world is really only beginning – and its consequences are horrific. And unless we understand the background to this global warming scam and the underlying intentions wrapped up in it, you may stay in the camp that believes global warming is still happening, and you and all of humanity are to blame. His death provides a wonderful segue by which to awaken a few more to this bullshit that is being fed to us.

And so, as ever, James Corbett provides us (backup copy here) with a well-researched and cogent discussion of the man, how he came to be who he was and where his loyalties lay. It also reveals, as I have previously, the scam that is the terms of reference and structure of the IPCC. Again, when you set up a committee (as those with committee experience know), you determine the result of its activity by defining its terms of reference, to ensure it gives you that outcome; and this is EXACTLY what Strong did with the IPCC – it was not permitted to consider anything outside of human effects, hence completely ignoring the role of the sun. Totally bizarre, but the public doesn’t understand the game and the MSM makes sure it never gets exposed.

And guess what causes global warming and cooling (ignoring the effects of catastrophic, geologically short term phenomena such as comets)? The sun. More particularly, the strength of the Earth directed solar flares during the sunspot cyclical peak, which is determined by the rate of change of the strength of the sun’s magnetic field. Heard that from the IPCC? Well, they’re not allowed to say so, even if they know, which they probably don’t since they’re not allowed to look there.

And as always with James’ work, there are lots of links to look further and build your own understanding. This scam is one of the most fundamental at work in our world currently, though its implementation is largely hidden. Almost no-one I ask has heard of Agenda 21, let alone its recent replacement, The 2030 Agenda, and their consequences for humanity. Strong was the NWO gopher that set all of this up through the UN on behalf of the globalists. They “enrolled” him at 17, greased his path to financial and other success through oil company involvement in Canada, setting him up for life, and then put him to work. His main “managers” were the Rockefellers, who are seen as all powerful by many, but you need to look closely at their history. John D. was funded by the Rothschilds to set up his oil empire and all that followed. And the Rockefeller family’s allegiance and obligations lie where?

Take 20 minutes and watch James’ report, and follow the links if you really want to understand the game. Your life and that of your offspring may just depend upon it.

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