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I have shared some of the extraordinary and horrific recollections of this woman previously.

In this article, she shares how she cultivated the ability to recall her experiences and deceive her abusive family:

Hi readers, as I have been offline now for quite a while firstly just to bring you all up to date, yes still being persecuted, threats etc, nothing new there.
Health issues still bothering me, but today I would like to write about how I remembered everything I needed to recall. I am just speaking briefly about how I memorized dates, abuses, people and places.

When I was 3 years old and the anal rapes began I decided I would remember every filthy act from my ex satanic family, relatives and their associates.

When I was 4 years old and the vaginal rapes started then this reinforced for me to remember the Truth!

My favourite example of how very easy it was to remember people, places, dates, tortures etc, was the changing of our money in Australia on the 14th February 1966. I was 4 years old and for many months before our money changed from the pounds and pence to decimal I can thank our media on radio and television with bombarding the country with advertising about the money currency change coming up with a simple jingle. The jingle used the same tune as “Click go the shears”. Of course this even made it all the easier to remember.
Please find video link here

The 14th February is also Valentine’s day, a major occult date.

Money itself was easy to remember as I watched a lot of money in both the old and the new currencies being paid into my ex family’s hands whenever I was prostituted to other family members, extended family clans and their associates. I knew money well.

As I had found specific tortures done to myself during this time period so easy to remember, then naturally I expanded my ways of attributing daily events, news reporting events both locally and globally to recalling the time frames of when tortures were done. I was also fortunate that I was forced to watch news on television and listen to it on the radio.

Then of course there are the seasons of the year, this too I found simple. So in this I knew I also needed to challenge myself to more in depth ways to remember; especially the abusing people!

The media in Australia has always been controlled by the occult, as “the common people are not to be informed of what real investigative journalism and real news is” quoted phrase I heard daily in the house I grew up in. The house I called; ”house from hell”.

Events occurring and nationally aired; i.e. being the Olympics, Wars, Droughts, Floods, Bombing Terrorists, Children starving in 3rd world countries, awful comedy shows etc.
50 years on and the same news is still being blasted to us. Thank God for social media and real news of the desperately trying to stay “hidden occult” finally being exposed.

As I grew I learned many more ways to remember the places I had been taken to and by the people taking me and abusing, raping and torturing me.

As every victim of Child Abuse does have their own ways of remembering what was done to them, I was just fortunate for being born into a multi-generational devil worshipping family that also used specific times and dates of the year for their religious rituals. The fortunate part I am referring to is that being the religious ritual dates only, certainly not the tortures, rapes, witnessing many murders etc!

So I had many time frames, dates of the year, seasons, but again thanks to our constricted media bombarding us with TV soap operas, fads, fashion, songs, then I had even more to attribute to certain dates. Also were the newspapers and especially the women’s magazines swamping the whole country with nonsense, smoke screening from us all from any real items that were news worthy.

I am not writing out the abuses, tortures or even the people involved in this post as I only want to focus on how very easy it was to mentally record what I was never meant to remember, everything done were always living memories as whichever way this can be viewed as either a negative or positive in the fact that I didn’t suppress the evil deeds that had happened.

So I found myself mentally taking photographs of everything I thought to be relevant to my ex family and their satanic lives. I also was very fortunate that I could count to 100 and knew the alphabet before I started school, thanks to my sister Janet Farthing who was 9 years older than me, my sister was allowed to learn the normal daily lessons that the schools would teach, but we both had been given different roles in our family and I was not allowed to learn anything except what the ex-family insisted on teaching me from their own books handed down for many generations, especially for the religious rituals.

With the link to above video on the currency change please note the harder task of book keeping and how much simpler book keeping would be in decimal currency; this is why I selected this particular video. I was forced from ages 8-11 and ½ years of age to study the ancient occult books and I will list 4 of them here:

  1. The Black Bible; not to be confused with the common satanic bible. This bible I was forced to learn to not only read but also how it was made, every process in the making of it, from the skinning of the blackest aboriginal babies for the leather cover, known as “kid leather” “The Tanning Of The Hides”, in which I was also forced to do. And lastly to the binding and printing done in Melbourne. This bible is typeset and everything in including the pictures is in direct opposition to the Holy Bible from the True God.
  2. The Book Of Death; Handwritten account keeping book of every child born into the “occult” generational bloodline, dates of birth and death. Souls that belonged to satan.
  3. The Book Of Queens; another handwritten book in which all handwritten books had to be written in Copperplate with blood, this book is the linage of “Occult Queens in Australia” every nation has their “Occult Queens” recorded. All State, Territories, Districts, Parishes, Dioceses etc and of course the Australia’s number 1 nation’s queen.
  4. Final main books; Typeset Encyclopedia size of “Book On Torture” and a smaller “Handbook On Torture” that CIA etc also uses. These last 2 main books used to be bound the larger encyclopedia size in orange and the smaller handbook in green.

I pestered my sister whenever she had her homework at the kitchen table, I would sit under the table and learn to count numbers and the alphabet which she always had to cover up that she was helping me with a slap across my head. So in fact everything I learned was reinforced with a good old clip on the ear, it just cemented the lesson in.

My sister’s most significant role in our deranged criminal insane family was to be a “Breeder” and I thank God she did manage to save one of these babies from being sacrificed and the baby was adopted out (hopefully not to another occult family) through the Anglican Church, Melbourne, Australia, but I have repeatedly asked them for more information about this niece of mine, and as usual with the perverted churches in this country they refuse to provide me with details. “There is nothing covered up except for the express purpose to be uncovered”. The Holy Bible.

In loving memory of Janet Thelma Farthing murdered and her last unborn baby taken and sacrificed in the winter solstice 1975.

With only knowing the alphabet and not really knowing what the letters spelt out at this time, then I needed to make sure I got things right, so with this I developed what I call “the sign reader”. As previously mentioned in another post about multiple personalities, I created other aspects to my own personality (mind) to only do a specific task, this one of course was to mentally photograph every sign seen whenever taken anywhere for occult rituals, cities, towns signs, etc.

Then of course I also had to hide my own knowledge and do my own smoke screening to cover up whatever personalities I had made, this too was simple as I would just throw at them a personality they had made through torture to speak out what I was never meant to repeat, I especially loved to do this publicly and embarrass the ex-family. I knew I would be severely punished for this, more at home torture, but it did work well in the fact I could keep my own gathering of information hidden from them.
And so the years continued and I gathered more and more information and this way of living just became 2nd nature and naturally continues to this day.

I especially wanted to write about memories as we are in such an era of worldly mass confusion and so to encourage all victims and escapees of Child Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse, please don’t doubt yourselves and please don’t feel the false guilt from their shame of what was done to you.

Australia! Please wake up and stop being of a convict down trodden people, don’t just be concerned with how you can afford to eat, clothe yourselves and provide a basic roof over your heads, for this time we are in is only temporary and it is our eternal lives that is the most valuable and what the world will insist taking our focus away from.

For further reading please read the book of Revelations and Hebrews 4. 1-12. The Holy Bible.

End of quote.

These practices are kept out of the public eye. As I’ve said and demonstrated, these practices underpin how our world works.

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