Origins of Civilization at Gobekli Tepe with Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins and Hugh Newman

This video from Graham Hancock and friends shares some of the evidence from Gobekli Tepe. This site is at least 12,000 years old and is the smoking gun that blows away all of this nonsense about humanity being in caves 10,000 years ago.

You see, this is a key plank of the “War on Consciousness” so aptly named by Graham. This is a carefully crafted war to have us deny where we have come from, what humanity has been in the distant past. Once you acknowledge this, those who are not completely preoccupied with their carefully crafted hamster wheels will begin to question who and what we are. It is also, in my view, why we are bombarded with the Darwinian model of evolution as the answer to every living thing – a notion that simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, as I’ll share with you shortly.

The model they want us to buy is, we came forth from the primeval slime through Darwinian evolution, were in caves 10,000 years ago, and when we die, that’s it. And any spiritual urges are directed into religion of one form or another.

It’s why Gobekli Tepe is so important. It just won’t go back inside the box.

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