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I recently mentioned that EndTimesNewsReport has moved from YouTube, and now its creator Jake Morphonios has begun a video series revealing what he knows about the picture I have often written about, the web of global sexual abuse, paedophilia and child sacrifice used to control our world along with the global trafficking of children and adult slaves that surrounds it, as well as the global organ harvesting that’s intricately linked to it. Morphonios recognizes that PizzaGate is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is his first video.

And he’s not a bad videographer.

Morphonios says there will be one/day. It’s clear he’s been looking closely at this for quite a long time and his life journey has placed him where he gained awareness and insight into these practices from a young age. There are no accidents.

Will he survive to tell his entire story?

To his credit, he recognises the risk and feels strongly enough about it to do it anyway. It takes such acts of bravery to change our world.

I encourage you to track these for yourself, as I believe this exposure may take us places no-one has gone before. Will he include all the threads that have come my way over the last few years? Let’s see.

I intend to post all of his episodes and download them in case is not as insulated from being pressured to remove them as he thinks.

And if you agree with me on the importance of this exposure, please share them far and wide.


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