Practising Holistic Medicine is a deadly career choice

Thank you, Molly.

The body count of dead holistic doctors in the US, since it became serious in July 2015 or thereabouts, at that time primarily associated with the use of GcMAF therapy, has now reached 61.

Seen anything about it in the mainstream press? Didn’t think so. It seems the officially endorsed medical model, or those who set it up and control it, will brook no competition. They have good reason to feel threatened. But they won’t stem the tide. Gravy trains such as chemotherapy for cancer will soon be derailed.

For example, I met with a guy whilst I was in the US recently who had purchased some customer test products from me, sourced from the Keshe Foundation. He had previously had three skin cancers removed surgically and didn’t want to keep doing it. After spraying the plasma activated water on the skin cancer under his eye for seven days, it was gone.

But don’t tell anyone. We’ll all be killed…


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