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Recently I shared with you some details from Rebekah Roth’s first book called The Methodical Illusion. Since completing that book, Rebekah has continued to research and has also had many people come forth and share confirmations and information with her, many from the airline industry, that has produced an extraordinary body of new information about what occurred at 9/11. Much of this is in her new book called The Methodical Deception; however, yesterday she held an interview with Jeff Rense for September 11, and shared an extraordinary body of information about 9/11, not only from her airline background but much of it from her extraordinarily methodical research and from other sources that have come forth to share their knowledge with her. For example, she now has a signed and witnessed affidavit from a woman who lived nearby the Westover Air Force Base where she had concluded in her first book that the planes were taken, who witnessed a passenger aircraft flying extraordinarily low over her house at around 8:30 AM of the morning of 9/11, which is consistent with the plane heading for Westover, and this woman is willing to testify in court.

Rebekah ‘s research leaves us in no doubt that Israel’s Mossad was at the heart of this event, aided and abetted by an array of Jewish Americans and others willing to serve the Rothschild Zionist cause. Her information is truly breathtaking and she says it is but a small fraction of the information that she has drawn together. Rebeka’s information levers open many doors that have been closed in regard to the 9/11 story and I encourage you to listen to this interview and read her two “fiction” books on 9/11.

If you are one of those who has believed the disinformation that Rebekah is not a real person, then I encourage you to listen to this interview and reconsider your position.

Some find it difficult to reconcile the involvement of Israel and the Mossad with the very evident involvement of officials of the US government of the day. However, if you have read history, you will know that, despite the surface illusions, the Zionists have controlled the United States since, perhaps, the end of the 19th century and perhaps significantly well before this time. If you have studied the history of the formation of the privately owned Federal Reserve, or you have read Bernard Baruch’s Senate testimony as quoted by Henry Ford in his writings of 1920 – 22, where Baruch acknowledges that he had complete control of US supply for military, domestic and allied purposes during World War I, you will recognise that this cooperative relationship between Israel and the US government in 9/11 is no surprise whatsoever, and you will recognise that the wars that have been conducted since, including the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and so on are in fact serving that Zionist agenda, not the publicly proclaimed hegemonistic agenda of the United States. Only when you understand these connections can you begin to join these dots in a meaningful and accurate manner.

As the saying goes, those who do not study history are destined to repeat it and, in my experience, few truly take the time to go back and read the historical accounts, rather than the version of history which is handed to us through the formal education processes, which is little more than Zionist propaganda.

And I continue to wonder how much of this needs to be shared with my Jewish friends before they begin to recognise what they are actually inside of.

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