Rhine valley death camps in the words of James Bacque

The horrific, hidden truth of Eisenhower’s death camps after WWII in the words of James Bacque the author of Other Losses.


“The French and the Americans killed 1M people, deliberately.”

Heard of the Morgenthau plan?

Morgenthau was what race? Ohh… Jewish.

It’s estimated in this video that there were 6-12M people killed under this plan.

Heard about it?

I doubt it.

You hear about the mythical 6M Jews killed in the so-called “Holocaust”.

Never let the facts interfere with a good story.

Who owns the MSM? Just askin’…

Spend a few minutes listening to Bacque in this video.

Remember, Britain, Russia, the United States, France, to name a few, were all under Jewish control by WWII.

And WWII was about what?

And from whom did you learn about what happened in WWII?

If you start with the assumption that nothing you have been taught is true about the world and how it came to be the way it is, you have some chance of finding the truth. You have to be willing to learn from scratch, though, and even that is torturous. Few are willing, in my experience.

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