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We have just marked the first anniversary of the so-called Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Soon after it, I shared many links to evidence that this was a false flag event. At the time, I thought this was just about gun control in the United States; however, this excellent piece of analysis of the events and their background by Sofia Smallstorm (sadly, the original has been deleted and is now sold on DVD) adds several new dimensions to this picture.  Chilling new dimensions.

That this was a false flag event is not open to question, and this presentation shares key, undeniable pieces of the evidence. However, what it also exposes is the NWO context of this event; how it was a grand experiment to monitor social response; to trial social processes. It also exposes the planned one global religion, something I had not known about and my own checking of their websites confirms the presence of the NWO threads within it, including Agenda 21.

Yes, it runs 90 minutes and you are all busy with the day-to-day issues of your lives; however, if you want to understand a key element of how our world is being planned for us – those that survive the purging processes in place – make the time to watch this. As I said, I find it chilling and I monitor a lot of this material, as you know.

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