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Thank you, Molly.

I have been contemplating writing a more complete article on the impact of modern music, but I’ve been saved the trouble.

This article covers the key issues, in my opinion:

I have reason to believe that mainstream music is turning the human race into a race of idiots. Before you dismiss the topic immediately as BS, I urge you to continue reading below, and after you have conducted your own research pertaining to the issues discussed, you may then draw your own conclusions. Open your mind. Question everything.

End of quote.

Modern music has a powerful negative impact upon us, spiritually. This is way more important than most people understand or are willing to contemplate. The physical body we see and inhabit arises from the energy body that weaves through it and surrounds it. Modern music disrupts these connections. In my experience, anyone who has properly awakened their spiritual nature and awareness cannot tolerate modern music, any more than they can tolerate the violence in so many movies and TV shows, and modern violent computer games. There is an alignment in their purpose. Apart from conditioning us to tolerate violence, they make us feel and believe that we are only the physical bodies we inhabit. Although there are many who continue to believe this, you can only do so by ignoring the abundant evidence to the contrary. As I’ve said before, beliefs are far more powerful than truth, and evidence is simply discarded  by most of us when it conflicts with our beliefs.

And if you think the evolution of music from its nature at the beginning of the 20th century to where it is now is some kind of natural progression, I recommend you read this article.

One thing I disagree with. This takeover is not by governments. This takeover is by the same forces that put governments in place. They own the music industry, Hollywood and virtually every aspect of the mainstream media, and they direct all of it for their own purposes – the control and disenfranchisement of humanity.

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