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Pressure is mounting against a planned speaking tour by American anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny, with at least one venue now cancelling a seminar.

The more I watch my home country of Australia, the more I see it as one of the most programmed countries on the planet – and some others are pretty bad. Let’s not even LISTEN to the evidence before we continue on the path we are on. WE HAVE DECIDED… VACCINATION IS WONDERFUL – ALWAYS. And anyone who says anything to the contrary is lying and should not be listened to.

And just in case you are interested in why it’s not always so wonderful, you can listen to Dr. Paul King discussing it here with Dr Rima Laibow (forgive the poor sound).

Or read about this deliberate misuse of a vaccination program to sterilise Kenyan women. Of course, that’s Africa. It couldn’t happen in a civilised country like Australia, could it?

Or the work of Robert Kennedy Jr. on this, primarily looking at autism.

And if they’re all so safe, how come there’s a special vaccine court in the United States to handle vaccine-related cases?

Or the recently revealed fraud where the CDC falsified data for a 2004 study on the risk of autism in black males. Or this article or this video.

No, let’s all just go back to sleep. Everything’s OK. Nothing to worry about. Sherri Tenpenny is just another of those American “nutters” we need to protect Australians from.

This graphic from David Icke sums things up:

The last year should be 2013

Belief and identification with that belief are very powerful in our world, and those who programme our reality are very aware of it. Belief and identification with that belief are far more powerful than the truth for most people. Most of us will simply discard or avoid the evidence that threatens our beliefs. I watch it almost every day in the people around me. It takes courage and self-belief to do otherwise.

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