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There has been a lot of press coverage of the Der Spiegel article on the TAO hacking program today. Here is a brief overview from RT and a more detailed interview about the ramifications of this with Glenn Greenwald by Amy Goodman.

For an in depth discussion of this and way beyond it, here is Jake Applebaum (@ioerror), one of the authors of the Der Spiegel article, presenting at the 30c3 conference in Germany today – well worth watching if you are interested in the depth of this surveillance. It will blow your mind, to use Jake’s words.

Here is the Der Spiegel article (there are 3 pages).

Here is an example of the NSA technology.

I will end with this with a tidbit from Mark Phillips, who told us many years ago that he was informed that all United States school children have been profiled SINCE 1952!!! They didn’t have much technology back then… Imagine what’s being done now. Mark knew about it because it was why those who employed him were interested in him. Mark did not speak for many years, I believe until he was a teenager, and they were interested in the workings of his brain…

For me, the idea that this is about terrorism (a US Government invention to begin with) is a complete sideshow. This is about complete tracking and control of every human being on the planet.

Thank you, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Jake Applebaum and everyone else willing to put themselves on the line to share this with us.

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