The Film: “Shadows of Liberty”

Thank you, Hedy.

This is an excellent documentary on the evolution of the US media, and how the politicians and others have allowed the aggregation of the US media. It does not get into its role as a propaganda instrument to any great degree, but it covers most of the other ground very well.


A documentary called “Shadows of Liberty” demonstrates the truth behind the US news media:  censorship, cover-ups and corporate control.

“If it didn’t appear in the New York Times, FOX news and CNN, it never happened.”

No surprise that this film wasn’t covered by corporate-controlled mainstream media. Here is a Democracy Now review.

You can find the documentary here. You will see that this version comes from SBS, and independent, partially government funded media outlet.

I expect to see SBS and the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), both free of corporate ownership, to come under increasing pressure given the unabashed and blatant support by Rupert Murdoch of the current majority party during last year’s election. His support no doubt will come at a price.

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