The Guardian is tracking police shootings in the US in 2015 – and it’s horrific

Thank you, John.

My friend John sent me this email earlier today:

I recently read how US police across the country had shot and killed 1100 individuals YTD, and 95 in the month of November, which is more than were killed by the UK police in its entire history. In all of Australia, the total killed with guns is under 30 for the year – and perhaps one by police.

Then this morning on the ABC news at 6 am, one of the headlines was “Northern Territory police take shots at an individual overnight”… not killed, or even struck, the guy, but shot at him. And that was worthy of the national headlines.

We really do live in two different worlds.

End of quote.

At my request, he sent me a link to the Guardian site tracking this data.

Here is the overview – 1107 YTD.

This takes you to a video review conducted in the middle of the year, which shows the disproportionate killing of blacks and Hispanics.

And we already know the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

The land of the free.

And Americans have no idea.

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