The Irish Savant needs your help to understand Elie Wiesel’s book “Night”

Let me share with you his “confusion”:

I need your help again

Just like with the previous post I’m confused and in need of your help. Allow me to explain.
My confusion relates to the widely acclaimed, indeed legendary,  Death Camp testimony by Elie Wiesel called Night. And few writers have been the recipients of so much admiration – and money – as Elie. ‘Fearless’, ‘searing truth’, ‘unsparing’…how could any self-respecting student of the Holocau$t(the Word’s Greatest Tragedy) not read this canonical testament? But you see I kept putting it off. Not being a ghoul, how could I bear to read about:
Screaming babies hurled into gas chambers by Dr. Mengele himself
Fountains of blood exploding from the heaving mass of  decomposing bodies buried in mass graves
Prisoners forced to take acid baths 
Pumping prisoners full of water until they exploded. Christ, how lousy is that?
Injections directly into the brown eyes of untermencher to change them to a Teutonic blue
Camp Kommandant Laak tossing babies in the air and shooting them like clay pigeons while his cackling ten year-old daughter wildly applauds.  As only a Germans kid would.
And lots more.  So you can imagine my reluctant to subject myself to such horrors. I wouldn’t sleep for a week. But a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.
So with trembling hands I took up ‘Night‘. And it was every bit as harrowing as I had feared. Mind you there were some puzzling aspects. For instance we learn that Elie was treated in the Auschwitz camp hospital (where incidentally he tells us the quality of food was good) after which the doctor recommended ‘a few days rest to recuperate’. And thus my first question. Was not Auschwitz a Death Camp, where mass extermination was the only game in town?  And in case you’re wondering, Elie was not some valuable specialist, merely a humble sorting clerk.
Then right at the end of the war we had more strange hospital goings-on.  The Auschwitz medicos were treating Elie’s dad in the Death Camp’s hospital (even at a time of horrendous German casualties) when word came down that the camp was to be evacuated.  Prisoners were given the choice: Undertake an arduous journey to a new Death Camp……or relax and wait for liberation at the hands of the Red Army  Seems like the ultimate no-brainer. But wait for this…Elie dragged his infirm father out of the hospital and the two of them headed off with the fiendish Germans!
Mind you the Germans were under strict instructions to bludgeon any stragglers to death. I’m sure there’s an explanation but, like, if they had given prisoners the option of remaining in Auschwitz why would they then want to kill stragglers?  Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that when they arrived at the new Death Camp they were all treated to a hot shower and a ‘cauldron of thick soup’. In due course this camp was also liberated, and “early the next day Jewish boys ran off to Wiemar to steal clothing and potatoes. And to rape German shiksas.”  Ah well, boys will be boys.  Meanwhile Elie went on to fame and – most definitely – fortune. It could be said he actually created a whole new industry which thrives to this day.
So this is where I need your help. How do we reconcile all of those horrendous Death Camp incidents mentioned at the beginning with Elie’s account of the incidents I referred to?  It’s not easily explained. I have to confess to an ignoble thought crossing my mind…was he lying? But then I reminded myself that he was, just like Henry Kissinger, Menachim Begin and indeed Barak Obama,  a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  And could you imagine any of these guys lying?  So I quickly – and shamefully – dismissed that thought.
But that only brings me back to square one. I’m at a loss to explain this conundrum.
Are there any wise readers out there who can clear my mind?

End of his post.

I have shared my research on this previously in my post Is the Holocaust a Hoax?

I know It’s not politically correct, but I encourage you to watch this video of Auschwitz survivor interviews. Not quite the stories we usually hear.

If you can reconcile this with the mainstream meme, please get back to me.

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