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The Kinsey Reports of around 1950 were an important component in the changing of sexual attitudes and views in the Western world.

Today, I and others look at such highly publicised endeavours through a different lens. Even good ol’ Wikipedia, a source to be trusted on nothing of relevance to the unfolding global agenda, says Kinsey’s methodology used to collect data has received criticism. It has been suggested that some data in the reports could not have been obtained without collaborations with child molesters.

It seems this is something of an understatement. According to this report, Kinsey was a satanic paedophile. I quote:

In her mind-absorbing book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences—The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme, Dr. Judith Reisman explodes the strange and malevolent myth of Albert Kinsey, the world-acclaimed satanic doctor responsible for this outrageous criminal atrocity. It was Kinsey who burst on the scene in the early 50s with his widely admired but shocking The Kinsey Report. The findings in this report were based on Kinsey’s book, Sexual Behavior in the Adult Male. In it, the now famous Indiana University sex researcher claimed that homosexuality—as well as almost any other deviant and perverted sexual activity—is natural and normal. Children, said Kinsey, are sexual from birth, even in the crib. Kids just a year or two old were claimed to want “positive” sex and said to enjoy pleasurable feelings from sexual activity.

Children Strapped Down and Abused

Reisman’s astonishing book documents some of the fiendish ways in which Dr. Kinsey and his institute carried out much of their research. For example, children three to seven years in age were regularly strapped or held down while grotesque sexual acts were performed on them. Stop watches were often used to time the children’s physical responses.

Judith Reisman appropriately asks: “Where were the police and law enforcement authorities when these disgraceful and outrageous criminal acts were being committed? Where is the outrage in the academic community and the mass media today? Why, seemingly, is no one disturbed or alarmed at these atrocities committed in the name of science?”

Adult Sex with Children Normal

Kinsey’s research findings were that adults who used children for “sex outlets” were quite normal. One Kinsey research associate, who was reported to have had various forms of sexual activity with 800 children, was deemed by Kinsey to be a “refined gentleman” and a “scientific hero.” Government funds were used to help compensate this serial child molester for his contributions to science!

From Kinsey’s flawed research conclusions a new generation built an entire, new working theory of sexual freedom and license. Kinsey was described by the press and the academic world as the “Father of the Sexual Revolution.” Author and novelist Gore Vidal, himself a notorious homosexual, candidly stated that Kinsey was “the most famous man in America, in the world.”

Rockefeller, Kinsey, and the Grand Scheme

In her revealing book, Dr. Judith Reisman for the first time exposes Kinsey’s satanist connections. She also unmasks the fact that it was the Rockefeller Foundation that gave the wicked Dr. Kinsey the money to conduct his sin-laden, genocidal, child soul-killing research.

At the heart of it all was a “Grand Scheme” by the late Kinsey and his associates to destroy the very building blocks of society. Their goal was to create a New Civilization. The decadent dream of the surviving conspirators remains. They are determined to create a nonjudgmental, anti-God world where homosexual pedophiles can treat children like slabs of meat at a neighborhood flesh market—plundering them in the name of “loving and caring for their needs.”

In effect, the release of the Kinsey Report was a planned and staged event, carefully and meticulously crafted in minute detail, intended to dissolve morality and to manipulate and catapult the entirety of humanity into a New Age of sexual and social slavery. As such, the Grand Scheme worked beautifully.

End of quote.

Dr. Reisman has written several books on this subject, and she is not the only author to have done so.

Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY the kind of scenario I have come to expect to find as I examine the forces at work in our world over the last few hundred years, though I would prefer the article to be expressed in less emotive language.

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