The make-up of the so-called refugees coming to Europe

I received the following email from a reader today:


I am at the moment in Austria, coming from Germany, where I had spent a few days.

With a few exceptions, all the “refugees” are young, military age men, most look physically fit.

Mass migrations, or mass refugee movements in history, including recent history, going back to the Hungarian Revolution when the refugees were fleeing in the many thousands, included men, women and children of all ages, good and bad health and etc.

Obviously, this is not a mass migration or refugee movement. 

Where are the young women whom these “male refugees” plan on marrying, to set up their family and join the community of their choice. Or, do they plan not settling and possibly moving on???

Have a safe day..


End of quote.

I had seen other comments to this effect elsewhere.

There are also reports of rape and other atrocities.

This is not going to end well and, as usual, the truth of things is well hidden from the public.

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