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This post comes from a reader:

This video, posted August 23rd here on Richard’s blog, shows an overall view of how the Illuminati use satanic symbolism. As I have studied the subject and I felt compelled to react. There are many videos on you tube exposing how dark Occult forces may indoctrinate the public with subterfuge symbolism. However, what they often fail to mention is that the symbols used are not evil per se, but deliberately misused, reversed, perverted and misrepresented, which is another trick that the dark forces use; a deliberate misapplication of symbolism. When there is a lack of insight into these subjects or in the personal experience of how symbols may operate from within your own psyche, these kind of exposures can be misleading, and if so, may only further comply with the intentions of the dark forces. For the most part, the general public is unfamiliar with Occultism (a science describing the laws of Nature, those that are visible, but also invisible or hidden (occulted) to the physical eye) and how mastery of these laws can be used with either honorable or dishonorable intentions. With this particular video you may end up thinking that all Mystery schools, all secret societies, or that Egyptian mythology, or goddess worship, and all solar cults, are evil. There are depths behind symbolism, and some symbolists are aware and will inform the public. For example, Mark Passio has very insightful, first hand in-depth experience of this subject. I would recommend his work: De-mystifying the Occult: .

A voice in the first-mentioned video proclaims that “goddess worship is prevalent in all these secret societies”, and examples are given with the ‘Lady in Red’ (there is a subversive use of  women’s sexual powers with traumatic mind control techniques, and ‘sex-kittens’, sex-slaves, are made) with women deliberately dressed in the colour of blood. The way I see it, dark occultists are not ‘worshipping’ the goddess. On the contrary, they are debasing and corrupting all that is connected with the principles that the ‘goddess’ represents; the spirit and integrity of women and of motherhood, the principles of Love, Heart and Care. The ability to have compassion, a quest for and a knowledge of your true Self.

There may be another agenda at work here: ‘Desposyni’ is a Greek word meaning ‘of or belonging to the master or Lord’. Which is a concept well known to – but suppressed by – the Roman Catholic Church. Desposyni refers to the bloodline of those in direct descent from Jesus the Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene. The Desposyni went underground to protect the Spiritual Wisdom exemplified by this couple. Peter’s Church then founded the ‘rock’ foundation of the present ‘Christian’ Church , and Mary Magdalene was written out of their doctrines except as a ‘sinner’ and a ‘whore’. Fearing and debasing the sacred feminine, the Church has suppressed this truth for some 2,000 years. With this knowledge of the Desposyni, it should be of no surprise that the dark Occult forces (also within the Church), the very masters of deceit, lies, bad taste, treachery, terrorism and debauchery, can and would do anything to conceal intentions to have control and power over a subjugated, ignorant and misinformed public.

Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelites painters had a tradition of picturing Mary Magdalene in a red and/or in a green dress. Is this the original ‘Lady in Red’? Dark occult practices have rites where they ‘Cremate’ the Care principle of Divine Love. We must become aware of the misuse, but also of the more sacred use of symbolism and reinstate our stolen symbols. For about 40 years I’ve researched psyche through dreamstate, together with Akashic, Yogic and Meditational practices, studying Hermetic sciences and world mythology. I discovered that psyche has its own delightful way to introduce your own personal, but also the universal archetypes of symbolism. My story is told in the book: The Fall and Rise Of Sziggies, Suns and Stardust, A Journey of Soul and Dreamstate, found at Amazon:



Birgit Edwall

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