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The fact that Israel has a stockpile of nuclear weapons (reportedly about 200) is an open secret.

What is not so well known is they have been using micro and mini nukes for decades.

This recent VT article restates the evidence that Israel used a neutron bomb in Yemen in 2015.

However, those who have had the fortitude to read Dmitri Khalezov’s 9/11 tome will know that he maps the evidence that both the Bali nightclub bombing and the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Djakarta were micro-nuclear events, illustrated by the burn pattern on the paintwork on this car at the Bali bombing site:

It is burned where it experienced the direct flash of the blast wave and untouched where it did not.

And he gives many other examples.

So, the Israeli military and Mossad have been doing this for decades. It just never gets discussed in the MSM.

It is hard for non-Jews to grasp the depth of deceit of many Jews and the hatred they carry for non-Jews. As I’ve said many times, this does not apply to all Jews, but unless non-Jews begin to understand this, we will never act to disarm them, in every way that is needed.

Some consider it’s already too late. I’m not amongst them.


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