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I have shared with you several times the work of Kevin Annett as he labours to expose the ritualistic child sacrifice and abuse that sits at the heart of the major religions, those we consider royalty, as well as the political, military and judicial systems in our world. Kevin has been the driving force behind the establishment of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels, and the evidence that has begun to pour forth is overwhelming. Not only this, but the public has begun to recognise that they are the ones holding the power, not governments and corporatized judicial systems, and they are beginning to act.

Additionally, the next planned major religious-based child sacrificial event has been revealed ahead of time and is planned for a Cathedral in Montreal, and the links for much of this abuse back to the German scientists such as Josef Mengele brought to Canada and the United States under Operation Paperclip are being revealed. More and more people with knowledge of all of this are feeling empowered to come forth, despite the personal risks.

This recent video interview with Kevin shares this and much more, including the fact that he understands the powerful spiritual battle going on behind the scenes as the power of humanity is being reclaimed through these processes.

Events are now beginning to move quickly. I commend this interview to you. Unless you understand what Kevin is revealing though his work, you cannot begin to understand how this world of ours works. Its key truths are deeply, deeply hidden.

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