The Sun and Earthquakes

I share this video for two reasons:

  1. The paper clearly supports the hypothesis that solar polar magnetic fields an important factor in the triggering of major (8+) earthquakes.
  2. The way in which the paper was rejected smacks of external influence on the journal to which the paper was submitted.

I can only speculate on why this was done but, for me, it’s a sign of how the information that is shared with humanity is very carefully controlled.

As I reflected on this and if you accept the model that sunspot activity sustains a liveable climate balance on Earth (when the solar flaring shuts down – e.g.  the Maunder Minimum – the planet gets much colder) and it is the period of decline in the solar magnetic field heading towards its 11-year reversal that triggers this sunspot activity and its solar flaring, then it becomes clear that inhabitable life for humanity on a large part of Earth relies on both the strength and the cyclical reversal of the sun’s magnetic field. It is yet another of perhaps 20 or more factors that need to be “just so” for life to exist on Earth in the way  it does. Pure chance, of course…

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