Victim speaks out about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring

This article is a follow up to the Australian 60 Minutes program on British paedo-satanism. It shares another victim’s testimony.

But what I find most interesting is the input from Mark Watts, editor-in-chief of investigations website Exaro – which has broken a series of stories on historic child abuse allegations. He said:

there was a “long and dreadful history” of authorities trying to ignore child abuse scandals or closing down police operations.

But he believes the catalyst for the issue finally coming to public attention was the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal – which came to light in 2012, almost a year after the TV presenter’s death.

He said: “In the immediate wake of that, the media was very focused on other celebrities who might have been part of this.

“We were starting to pick up evidence and we were getting tipped off about paedophilia amongst people in positions of power – what we have come to call the Westminster paedophile network.

“This isn’t just about MPs, it is people in other positions of power, such as intelligence services, or senior civil servants and so on. (My emphasis).

“I think the Jimmy Savile exposure was the lighting of the fuse and it probably caused people to come forward to us to talk about people in positions of power and thereafter we simply followed the evidence.”

He added: “We published our first article on the subject just over two and half years ago. And we have made amazing amounts of progress in that time

“But it is also true that it is clear to us there is a long way to go in terms of exposing the full extent of this scandal and perhaps more critically, in raising awareness within Britain.”

End of quote.

I have long been saying that this the global control system, put in place by the satanists behind the scenes to control all corridors of power and authority. The comments from Mark Watts point in the right direction, but the revelations have scarcely begun.

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