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David Icke calls Zionism exactly what it is. Take a few minutes to watch it.


Further on this subject, one of my readers asked me for my reaction to this article entitled Why So Few “Good Jews” ? on Henry Makow’s blog. Henry is Jewish and has woken up to how things work. It’s a short list.

I quote:

In a recent articleAre There Any “Good Jews?”   I suggested that the silent majority of  American Jews are opposed to organized Jewry and put the US  before Israel.  My friend Mark Glenn replied that he could not post this link because Jewish resistance is ineffectual and negligible. Below is his reply as well as a Nov. 2006 article, Judaism: A Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity, that is more urgent today as Zionism  contaminates the world.


Dear Henry,

As you know, normally you have carte blanche on The Ugly Truth in terms of the things you send me. However, there are several glaring items in this piece of such consequence that I can no more run this than I could run an article claiming that the moon is made of Swiss cheese, not that you should infer that I am intimating deception on your part, which I know is not the case at all.

1st–Jews are not a ‘race’, any more than are Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, etc. They are a people driven by certain ideas, many/most of which got their roots in the religion of Judaism and which later become embedded in a cultural mindset that is embraced by those who have even gone so far as to abandon that religion, and the proportion of those who ‘go with the flow’ in this regard is upwards in the 90th percentile, you and a handful of others whom you listed making up the exceptions which are extremely rare.

2nd–That there may be a few who don’t ‘go along’ with the evil plans of their leadership certainly does not reflect itself in any distinguishable numbers. Even the anti-war types embrace an ideology/agenda that is anti-God, anti-family, anti-morals, and by that I mean of course those leftist individuals/groups who bemoan the murder and displacement of Muslims and others as a result of what they refer to as ‘imperialism’ while at the same time, promoting the slaughter of unborn children through abortion on demand, homosexuality, the radicalization of women, destruction of marriage, etc, and please don’t tell me that the number of Jews who embrace ideas such as this are ‘small in number’, because this is certainly not the case at all.

My ‘agenda’, if we want to term it thus, is as follows–I have great compassion on the Jewish people because I see them as victims of a very sophisticated form of mind control/behavior modification that is occultic in its roots and thousands of years old in its existence.

The world today finds itself in the dangerous position it is in because of this sophisticated form of mind control/behavior modification, and not until the root of the problem is isolated, determined, and diagnosed for what it is will we ever stand any chance of resolving this problem.

As you know, those few individuals–including yourself–who grew up within the cult of Judaism but who have freed themselves from that prison are celebrated and brought to the forefront on the website/radio program when they have something to say that aids in the aforementioned ‘agenda’ that I have laid out here.

As I have told many, many people in promoting and defending you, I do not consider you to be any more a ‘Jew’ than I am, given that you have embraced the antithesis of Judaism and have made the very difficult and dangerous choice of lending your voice to the exposure of its evils.

End of quote.

My first response was that, apart from Glenn’s stance on abortion, I agreed with what he wrote. But on reflection, I see it as more complex. I agree completely with his words “I have great compassion on the Jewish people because I see them as victims of a very sophisticated form of mind control/behavior modification that is occultic in its roots and thousands of years old in its existence”. And this mind control has become far more sophisticated in the last hundred years or so.

So, should we blame the average Jew for not breaking out of that programming? In my view, no. Most non-Jews are just as blinded by this propaganda and sophisticated programming as Jews are and I don’t blame them, either. This is a very sophisticated operation. I rail at it and I search for ways to wake people up but I do not blame those who are asleep.

And Henry says, “the silent majority of  American Jews are opposed to organized Jewry and put the US  before Israel”. I’m not sure that’s true, either. In my experience, they believe that Israel is the only answer to the horrific abuses of the holocaust and it represents a kind of ideal to them. Again, they are stuck inside the propaganda. Sadly, I do not think there is an answer inside this consciousness as we live it. It is far too completely controlled. Most people – Jews or otherwise – think I’m some kind of lunatic to question the holocaust meme. But the evidence is unequivocal. It is also the cornerstone of the sophisticated propaganda that steers so much of people’s world view. Most people simply have no clue about what they are inside of. Just as those who run the game intend it.




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