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I have often commented on the way Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake rigorously apply the scientific method to subjects which, by definition, are outside of the strictly temporal view that those of us who have been scientifically trained, like me, have implicitly fed to us, despite the fact that many of the great 20th century scientists did not hold that view, including Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Einstein, Pauli and many others.

And when I receive a video link from these two within a day, I know it’s time to revisit this subject.

Dean Radin’s video is entitled Consciousness and the Observer Effect, in which he revisits that long known but little acknowledged phenomenon that the result of an experiment is impacted by whether it is being observed or not. Perhaps the oldest and best known example is the double slit experiment with light, which shows the light beyond the slits displaying a wavelike pattern when it is not being observed but a particle-like pattern when it is. Pretty shocking to the temporalists and best ignored. Radin brings his usual uncompromising scientific rigour to this and associated phenomena and speculates what it all means.

Meanwhile Sheldrake focuses on what he calls The Extended Mind, which leads into the many, often simple though carefully designed experiments he has devised that unequivocally demonstrate phenomena such as telepathy.

The work of these two men parallel each other, demonstrating connected phenomena though taking very different paths to show it.

I commend both of these videos for their science and humour.

And for all you temporalists receiving this; relax. You’ll never see their work mentioned in the MSM, so your world view is safe for another day or two at least. Hang the truth of things. Beliefs are to be defended at all cost, even with life itself…


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