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I mentioned recently that a stone bearing the year 2014 was added to the Georgia Guidestones. Well, that stone has now been removed and broken up, and in doing so, other letters and numbers on those stones were revealed, as you can see on this video. This has led to a rash of videos analysing the numerical significance of this block, its placement and destruction, which I mention in case you wish to search them out, but I am far from clear that any of them are necessarily accurate.

However, what really got my attention was one of these individuals noticed that the image of the Guidestones on Google Earth shows the shadow of the Guidestones forming the shape of the Moloch (or Molech) the owl, a symbol that is worshipped at Bohemian Grove by the world’s power elite each year.

If you look closely at this image (pull it up for yourself using Google Earth and search for Georgia Guidestones), you will see that this image shows a special alignment required to produce this image in that the shadow joins the ends of the two right vertical stones. Such special alignments have been encapsulated in monuments all over the planet in the past, as widely documented by Graham Hancock, an example being the Sphinx at the equinox. I do not know what day this is, but I’m guessing it’s the summer solstice.

The fact that this owl shadow is encoded into the Guidestone structure is creepy enough, but the fact that it is this image which is the one shown on Google Earth… This is not chance. It has been intentionally placed there, “hidden in plain sight”.

Welcome to the world of the occult.

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