World Bank causes huge displacement across world

I quote from this YouTube video description on the true impact of the World Bank:

The World Bank has been found to have violated its own policies, on protecting the rights of indigenous peoples. The projects that the group has been funding for several years in some of the poorest places on Earth, have actually resulted in farmers and villagers losing their land and livelihoods.

End of quote.

The great sad fact is that most people of the world believe the rhetoric of the United Nations and of the World Bank itself. They have not studied history and think the memes promoted by the mainstream media carry truth.

The World Bank represents exactly the same interests that want to completely change the face of the world in their own interests and remove most of us from it. I have often commented on the role of those interests in destroying indigenous cultures globally and forcing them off the land in line with Agenda 21 (looked into that one, yet?) You only have to look at those who’ve headed the World Bank and check out their profiles to understand this.

So, for me, the report that led to this video is entirely to be expected. What upsets me is that most people of the world continue to think otherwise and then get shocked when the truth rolls out in their experience. But then most people still think politicians actually run things and think they are there to represent their interests. How much evidence do we need? A lot, it seems.

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