Archive for October 2013

America’s Economic Dark Side

This article by Stephen Lendman does an excellent job of summarising the deplorable economic imbalances in the United States at this time. It’s not new news, but it expresses the state of play very well, in my view. Including the only way forward.

Suppressing and Manipulating 9/11 Truth using the internet

This excellent article discusses the suppression of the RT Truthseeker video on 9/11 that I shared with you recently; however, it goes much further in painting a broader picture of the distorted picture being presented to the American public.

The 10 Companies Controlling the World’s Seed Supply

The trends discussed in this article – not just for seeds – need to be understood by us all. Not that it’s any surprise.

Sick in America: What Today’s Reactionaries Don’t Want You to Know

This article looks at the reality healthcare costs and outcomes vis-à-vis the rest of the world. It’s not a good look.

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