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Mind controlled Swedish super soldiers appear above the radar

I first came across the story of two Swedish twins, Sabina and Ursula Ericsson and their amazing physical behaviour on a U.K. motorway in a video by John Stormm. John describes himself as an MK Ultra survivor, and if you watch this video, you will see why. John has displayed superhuman abilities for much of his life and he explains how this is the result of his treatment at the hands of MK Ultra. In his video, John is very clear that these two women are the result of the same kind of treatment that he has been through.

A more complete version of their story has turned up on YouTube. It shows how Sabina was struck by three cars in three separate incidents on the motorway (Ursula similarly), each of which would have killed a normal person, and within 24 hours Sabina was discharged from hospital in seemingly perfect health. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

This video shows how the general world has no framework within which to view such people, and if the psychiatrists understood it, they certainly weren’t revealing it in public. When you understand how this programming sets up multiple personalities or alters and how these are brought forth quite independently of each other, a notion first made public in the 1962 movie Manchurian Candidate, you can begin to understand their behaviour.

I have shared information about mind control and a shorter video by John in the past, and you can access this material here. It’s time we recognised what’s going on out there, and stop behaving like it doesn’t exist.

Widespread presence of water in our solar system, our galaxy and beyond has powerful consequences for life thoughout the cosmos

I find Ben Davidson’s 3-5 minute daily “weather” update worth watching each day, if only for his dry humour. Ben has bootstrapped himself to become a leader in the understanding of the workings of our weather, earthquake activity and the electrical nature of things, including our sun. What is interesting in today’s news is the confirmation that the presence of water in the cosmos is far more widespread than publicly accepted in the past, which has powerful consequences for the presence of life elsewhere in the cosmos. Of course, we know it’s there, but the public perception, held firmly in place by many threads, is that we are alone in the Universe, we live and then we die, and that’s it. Ohhh… and that humanity lived in caves 10,000 years ago and we are now at the highest level of human and technological development that we have ever been. So, this revelation about widespread – ubiquitous, even – water in the cosmos is one more tear in the fabric of this lie we are persuaded to buy into. For me, this public lie is the key reason why the presence of other beings on our planet, agreements with them and others by many governments and the widespread knowledge of UFOs from other places in the cosmos is being kept from the public.

It’s all, gradually, coming apart at the seams.

Was Ivan Lopez, the Fort Hood Shooter, mind controlled?

My starting point when looking at an event like this is to look behind the public story being put out.

So what data do we have?

Firstly we know there is an ongoing campaign to remove guns from the hands of the American public. It is one of several threads in play in the Sandy Hook and Boston marathon false flag events and, in my view, underpins all of the growing spate of shootings in the United States.

Returning briefly to my post on this yesterday, I’m not yet convinced that this was part of what unfolded here, though it may be a piece of the puzzle and it has been strengthened today by evidence that there was recruiting conducted on Craig’s List for people to participate in such an event, though the timing is off by a couple of weeks.

What particularly has my attention is Lopez’s reported ongoing mental health issues, his use of psychiatric drugs and perhaps most significantly, those who spoke with him earlier in the day found him to be perfectly normal, and his behaviour and actions were completely out of character with him conducting this shooting. Moreover, if you examine the footage of his actions, they were not the actions of a man acting in a crazed manner. You can see and hear all of this in this CNN snippet.

The use of mind control is far more widespread in the world, and in the United States in particular, than the public has a clue about, and Lopez’s circumstances and behaviours are classic. The man is behaving perfectly normally and rationally, and then perhaps in response to a word or phrase or hand signal or phone call tone, a pre-programmed “alter” is triggered that calmly conducts the shooting, including his own suicide.

Add to this his recent private purchase of the handgun used in the shooting and we have the pieces in place to create another brick in the house being built to remove guns from the hands of the American public.

Understand that I’m not a gun advocate, but the public needs to be able to protect themselves from the growing domestic army that does not have the public’s interest at heart.

The behaviour and circumstances of Ivan Lopez took me back to the Port Arthur, Tasmania massacre that I have referred to previously, supposedly conducted by Martin Bryant acting alone (which was clearly not possible). The massacre was used to remove guns from the hands of the public in Australia. One event like this was enough in Australia, but not in the United States. Moreover, the profile for Lopez and Bryant are very similar from a mental health perspective.

So we shall see how this unfolds.

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