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Martial Law in America – US Army Preparing To Patrol the US

Although this Corbett Report video was posted several years ago, the preparations that were in place then have not gone away. The power is now in place for the US President to declare martial law in the United States at any time on whatever pretext he/she may choose.

Eye Witnesses Saw Pope Bergoglio Rape Teens, Kill & Eat Babies in Satanic Ninth Circle Ritual: Kevin Annett {video}


Thank you, Molly.


As Molly puts it:

And these are the sickos to who run the planet. The truth must come out. People must wake up as these heinous crimes can no longer be swept under the carpet and the murderers can no longer hide. 

Yet while this truth is shared, popes are recognized as saints and canonised at the Vatican this month.

Most of us struggle to accept that child abuse and sacrifice is widely practised – indeed is a “rite of passage” – at the very highest levels of power, politics and religion in our world. But it is true, and it is gradually being revealed. As this Spotlight on Abuse blog reveals, the revelations of how this runs to the core of power in Britain has been gradually revealed over decades, but the mainstream media studiously avoids joining the dots. Well, they are being joined despite them and the efforts of powered and moneyed elite to prevent it.

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