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GMOs invade fruit industry: Apples, pears, cherries and peaches to all become unlabelled GMO

I quote from this article:

Genetically modified apples have been approved by the industry-corrupted USDA, a federal regulator that accomplishes for the biotech industry the same thing the FDA achieves for Big Pharma: unlimited profits, lax regulation and a ready willingness to accept fabricated “science” as fact.

“The USDA’s environmental review received 73,000 comments that overwhelmingly opposed the commercialization of Arctic Apples,” explains a press release from Food & Water Watch. [1]

The GMO apple that just received approval was developed by the Okanagan Specialty Fruits company, which says it “…married the best of nature with the best of science.”

The road to Hell, of course, is paved with the best of intentions, and that’s the problem with all these GMOs: Modern science is rolling the dice with a self-replicating “genetic pollution” scenario that could play out in ways that no scientist ever anticipated. As the Food & Water Watch press release explains:

The USDA has neglected to look at the full range of risks from these apples. In its environmental assessment, the USDA glossed over the possibility of unintentional effects associated with the technology used to engineer these apples, potential economic impacts on the U.S. and international apple market, effects of potential contamination for non-GMO and organic apple growers and the impact of the non-browning gene silencing which also can weaken plant defenses and plant health.

In addition to genetically modified apples, the Okanagan Specialty Fruits company also promises to roll out genetically modified peaches, cherries and pears. [3]

Plum hailed in fight against obesity

Whilst this story of an obesity-fighting plum is interesting, it is the following quote which caught my eye:

“When we first started working with some of these types of compounds no one believed something as simple as a plum could actually be a medicine,” Professor Lindsay Brown, from the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, said.

How blinded we have become. Humanity has relied on the extraordinary gifts of nature for health and healing for thousands of years, but our blinkered allopathic medical world has completely eliminated them from Western consideration. More than that, it’s working overtime to make them illegal in every manner possible.

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