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This little email list that you are on and the emails I share through it has taken on a life of its own. I have set up blogs in the past and taken them down again, for many reasons, and frankly I was not keen to go there again. But I have had more than one prompt to do so – to share these emails – and I realised that, once the basics were in place, with a little help these emails could be made available more widely.  

You can find the result at . 

So, as ever, if you want to be taken off this list, simply email me and say so, and it will be done. In addition, you may prefer to receive these via a blog and if so, you can enter your email address in the “Follow Me” box on that site, and you will receive a notification when a new post is added. There are also Twitter and Facebook links, for example, by which you can share any of these posts if you feel inclined – or you may want to share this email with others, so they can subscribe directly. 

I do not think that this rather fascinating and tortuous journey in this time is going to slacken off any time soon – nor my desire to seek to share what I come across, along with my perspective on it, for whatever that is worth.

Kind Regards,


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