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Perhaps the behind the scenes Satanic/paedo-satanic control system is moving closer to being exposed:

Two former UK ambassadors led parallel lives that each link to the unfolding scandal of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

The late Sir Peter Hayman, who rose to become a senior spy, and Lord Henniker, who died in 2004 and also had a background in intelligence, were two peas in a pod, although how they shared interests remains unclear.

What is known as that the Queen liked them both so much that she awarded each the CVO, an unusual honour in that it is granted by her personally. Most other honours are given by the Queen on advice from the government.

The Queen awarded John Henniker-Major the CVO in 1960, the year when he went from a senior job at the Foreign Office to become ambassador to the strategically-important country of Jordan.

She gave the same honour to Hayman five years later. Not long before, he had overseen a sensitive visit by the Queen to Berlin, then at the frontline in Germany of the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union.

Last November, Exaro identified Hayman as one of the “VIPs” who sexually abused boys at Dolphin Square, an apartment complex in Pimlico near Parliament.

End of quote.

We shall see where all of this leads.

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