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I am – dare I say it – sceptical of most that is considered astrology today; however, Carl Boudreau brings a very different take from most.

Here is his forecast for May and beyond (thanks, Sean):

In recent posts, I have tried to argue, as I just said, that the energetic focus on the Leo/Aquarius axis, the heart axis, will enable long-delayed change.

It will do so by motivating and enabling the heart to finally release attachments buried deep within itself. This concentration of energies will finally motivate and enable the heart to release old preferences and attachments and embrace new ones.

In the process, we are likely to see some long overdue changes. Old and defective patterns will be released and healed or completely replaced, at long last.

The Moon’s Nodes will be on the heart axis for 18 months. That’s enough time for a great deal of long-overdue, much needed and probably unexpected change to take place. It might allow us to overcome the heart’s attachment to unjust and irrational attachments.

I believe we can expect a deep and continuing wave of changes in personal and community relationships. In every area. On every level. Between all kinds of people. In all manner or relationships. This suggests extensive socio-economic change as personal loyalties realign. I think the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress supports that conclusion.

When personal and community relationships change, social, economic and political relationships change. Societies get shaken up at a fundamental level.

Hence, global society should change dramatically during this 18 month transit. I think the world will look very different when this 18 month transit is over.

Given the emphasis on relationships and the heart, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at what we can expect by examining the placement of Venus at the time of the North Node’s Leo ingress. To do that, I examined the so-called Venus persona for the North Node’s Leo ingress.

Hence, below, I will examine the placement of Venus in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart. And I will do that by examining the placement of Venus in in the Venus persona chart of the North Node’s Leo ingress chart. This report, then, is based on the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress chart.

A persona chart reveals the energetic and archetypal dynamic of a chart from the point of view of a particular planetary placement. Basically, you cast the persona chart by progressing the Sun at the time of a given event to the position occupied by the planet whose persona chart you are casting.

Accordingly, the Venus persona chart is cast by progressing the Sun to the position Venus occupied at the time of the North Node’s Leo ingress. This will provide a picture of what Venus will be doing during that transit.

Given the archetypal associations of Venus, the Venus persona chart should tell us a lot about what we can expect from the North Node’s lengthy,18 month, transit of the Leo/Aquarius axis, the heart axis.

Accordingly, this report is based on and is about the Venus persona chart for the moment the North Node crosses onto the Leo/Aquarius axis. In this chart, the Sun is in the spot occupied by Venus at the moment of the North Node’s ingress into Leo.

To my eye, this Venus persona chart indicates a time of intense, continuous, irresistible and radical social, economic, political and cultural change. Sweeping change. And not necessarily peaceful change. I think it also looks like irreversible change. Let me explain these claims.

This Venus placement is not your typical, fluid, soft-edged Venus placement. It has numerous, sharp teeth and volatile, explosive components. Venus is conjunct bitterly combative Eris and explosively transformative Uranus.

This alone points to a time of intense, social, cultural, political and economic change, at the individual and collective levels and in every area of society, on a global scale.

Judging by the Venus persona chart, the Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis will bring a dynamic that breaks all defective, unfair, unjust, loveless, fear- and greed- based personal and interpersonal patterns right down to their tiniest powdery bits. In that condition they cannot remain in place. From there, as a practical matter, the defective patterns cannot be easily recreated, let alone reimposed.

Nor will they function as before. Their patterns will be thoroughly shattered. Their power will be effectively destroyed.

The only realistic option will be to assemble new and, ideally, improved patterns, patterns that fulfill the standards represented in this chart. I believe all this is all very apparent from the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress on May 9, 2017, UT.

The placement of Venus in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart clearly and very strongly suggests that Venus and the human heart will be responsible for these deep changes. Venus which normally moves with the subtlety and quiet grace of a cat, is set to strut and charge and roar like a lion. It will rattle the window panes of our lives.

In this Venus persona chart, Venus, makes a sheaf, or bundle, of squares to a planetary grouping that spans the 12th house, the earlier degrees of the ascendant, and the first house. This stellium includes Pluto, Chariklo, Lilith, the Ascendant, Saturn, Mars, quaoar, Pholus, Vesta, Ixion, and the Galactic Center.

It is true that not all the Venus squares are close. But since the individual bodies in the group are so close together, the Venus squares might as well be close. The group, with loose squares and tight squares will function as a unit. Their effects will bleed profusely into one another until it is impossible to separate or screen out the effects of a given Venus square.

Also, over time, over a period of 18 months, loose or wide aspects will behave like tight, close aspects. We will, in effect, be stuck with the energies produced by all these aspects, close and wide, and their revolutionary, destabilizing effects.

These Venus squares are compounded by the participation of Eris and Uranus. They are ‘hardened,’ on the one hand, by the involvement of Saturn. And made more volatile, on the other hand, and rendered explosive by the involvement of Mars, Saturn and Uranus.

We need to realize, too, that Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Neptune are the power planets in the dispositor chart of the Venus persona.

This chart also has a decidedly revolutionary edge because of the crucially asteroids. By nature, the asteroidal energies are decidedly Aquarian and, thus, Uranian in nature.

Each of the asteroids does indeed govern some key aspect of social and community value systems. And there are a lot of them – namely, Chariklo, Quaoar, Pholus, Vesta and Ixion – involved in these Venus Squares. Venus squares these asteroids, but it is also conjunct Eris which is also heavily involved.

Taken individually, each of these asteroid placements is socially transformative. Taken together, their placements suggest a revolutionary social upheaval.

All told, squaring the asteroids, Venus will bring a jolt of transformational Uranus energy. Conjoining Uranus, simply intensifies and clarifies the revolutionary nature of these energies. Its conjunction with bitterly combative Eris guarantees a fight.

End of quote.

You get the picture.

As I look at this, perhaps it is marking the time when we’ll see our world released from its satanic grip. I have long understood that we live in the time when these forces will grab for complete control over humanity, only to see that control ripped from them.

Is that understanding accurate?

Is Carl’s astrological analysis telling us this is on our doorstep?

We’ll all know soon enough.


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