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I have seen several references to this interview with Ronald Bernard (thanks, Molly), who operated at a very high level within global finance.

He saw that the world the public sees is a façade and that all parties – global terrorists, those apparently fighting them, those countries ostensibly under an embargo, etc., are all working together.

He got to see that those who run this world are either satanists or Luciferians and, at the highest levels, this includes child sacrifice.

It was when he was asked to participate in a child sacrifice that Bernard’s world began to crumble.

Here are a few things Bernard shared:

  • The world is run by 8-8,500 people, maximum
  • Child sacrifice is at the heart of their control system and has been for thousands of years
  • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is real and everyone should read it (did I hear someone else say that recently?)
  • If enough people woke up to this, the global elite would be swept away in a heartbeat

I encourage you to watch this, if only to confirm that so many of the things I have been writing about for years are real. It is in enough of us understanding and accepting this that change can come.

Apparently, there is a second half of this interview to be shared in a month’s time. I can’t wait, but will it see the light of day?


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