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Most people believe that nuclear weapons technology is still where it was at the time of WWII or thereabouts – big explosions and massive devastation that the world will immediately recognise. It’s so far from the truth and it is intentionally fostered to hide what Mossad, primarily, gets up to. Mossad has been using micro-nukes for decades, and they are attributed to “truck bombs” or similar. I understood this in detail from reading Dmitri Khalezov’s 3,000-page tome related to 9/11. Amongst other things, he provided ample proof that both the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing and the 2004 Djakarta Australian Embassy bombing were both nuclear events, conducted by Mossad.

Most people have no idea of this. This will never be in the MSM, and you only learn these things by looking outside the mainstream narrative, whose purpose is to obfuscate and keep you ignorant. This has been so for over 100 years…

It’s not something new with the COVID-19 scamdemic.

In 1920, Henry Ford wanted to share what he had come to understand about who actually ran America, and 100 years ago, he knew it would never be printed in a newspaper of the day, so he bought his own newspaper, the Dearborn Chronicle, to publish what he wanted to tell the American public about who owned and ran their country.

Here is a man of power, influence and wealth, and 100 years ago, even he could not get his insights into print.

And you trust today’s media to tell you the truth?

In a way, the nuclear weapons obfuscation reminds me of the allopathic treatments for cancer – chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Few know that these were enshrined in legislation in the UK in 1939 as the only allowed treatments for cancer, and I understand there is similar legislation in the US. And medical treatments have not progressed since that time??? Think about it.

I have shared with some people receiving this that the second and major bomb blast in Beirut early in August was an Israeli nuke, and some simply can’t accept it because of the conditioned perceptions of the current state of nuclear weapons technology.

And so, this article simply sweeps that away. It is discussing the evidence of the nuclear radiation fallout across Europe and how it was dealt with by an amazing new piece of technology, the PDE Shield and the DPE100.

That nuclear fallout soon showed up in Sicily and then elsewhere in Europe is not open to question. No question it was a nuke and the likely source, if you understand the game, will have been responsible – Israel. Indeed, there is evidence that they have followed this up with white phosphorus bombs along the Lebanese border regions. Again, the MSM will never tell you.

“Oh, well then, it can’t be true. It’s just another of your conspiracy theories”.

Spare me.

Almost nobody knows that this term was invented by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman who killed JFK. Did you know that? It’s gone on to have a life all its own, a powerfully weaponised term, which is sufficient in itself to justify your dismissal of anyone who dares question the mainstream narrative on anything. The next time you use it, examine your emotional response. You immediately feel self-satisfied and vindicated – and you don’t need to critically consider the idea that has been presented to you. Job done. Go back to sleep.

Returning to the Beirut bombing – this article demonstrates how the extraordinary new DPE technology can clear radioactivity. We knew this, but this a powerful demonstration of its capability to do so.

So, this act of war has had one useful outcome.

And in case you wonder, sometime, why the Middle East is such a hotbed of seething tension and war, I suggest you seek out the details of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement and reflect on its true purpose.

But you won’t find that in the MSM, either. These articles are one place to start.


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