Efforts to suppress the growing awareness of Jewish subversion of our world are being expanded – updated

Let me begin with this post entitled “The battle is joined”:

The NWO globalists have been losing their grip on The Narrative for quite some time now and we can largely thank the internet for this happy state of affairs. The only problem is that the enemy controls the whole internet infrastructure, every single layer, from the hardware backbone right up to the search algorithms and the metadata which they rely on. And now the enemy is regrouping and fighting back. An unholy alliance of transnational organisations and relevant (((tech companies))) is working to block all manifestations of Web-based ThoughtCrime.

“The internet is a place for free speech, not hate speech,” says Vera Jourova, the EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality (yugh). She added that the code of conduct will ensure that public incitement to violence to hatred has “no place online.” The real objective here is to enforce existing EU “anti-hate” legislation on the pesky Internet Wild West. There are two main components. The first is to block expressions of ThoughtCrime. Towards this end the companies have made a massive investment not only in algorithms which seek out and erase offending terms and also in complex and immensely powerful artificial intelligence programs capable of subtly analysing the context of on-line opinion.

As an aside I understand that Google are now taking measures to seek out and ban the (((code))) which exposes Jewish identity. The symbol has been described as a secret signal because punctuation does not show up in ordinary web searches. Which of course was why it was deployed in the first place. But the interesting thing is that Google claim the symbol, and I quote, ‘breaks our hate speech rules’. So identifying someone as Jewish in itself represents ‘hate speech’? Amazing. But you can see where they’re coming from. Because if Jewish identity was openly highlighted their massive and scandalous over-representation at the commanding heights of every White country would become obvious to even the most benighted serf.

The second prong of attack is directed at Internet anonymity. If successful this would negate one of the Alt-Right’s most powerful weapons. And the NWO globalists know this. Again the EU role is central with its plan to monitor everything Europeans do on-line by having all their Internet activities linked to a proposed unified government ID. This would annihilate on-line anonymity and enable the tentacles of the Leviathan to penetrate every home. It’s Big Brother redux, where Orwellianism flourishes like fungus in the darkness of the forest.

And to copper-fasten the Orwellian nightmare we now have the “YouTube Heroes” program. In an eerie echo of Stalin’s Children informing on their parents’ the YouTube army of  “Heroes” will henceforth render the platform a kill zone for unsanctified opinions. (If you clicked on the link you’ll have noticed that comments have been closed. This is because they had been running about 8:1 against the project before closure.)

The foregoing is but a very high-level summary of the globalistas’ plans to disempower us. My belief is that the battle will ebb and flow, for every restriction imposed brilliant minds among us will develop a counter-measure, which will in turn be countered and so on. My considered belief is that the censors will steadily lose out. It’s already happening with the MSM wherein the dichotomy between editorial/reporting content and reader comments (even when heavily censored) grows starker by the day.

Ah, the sweet smell of the piss in their pants as they realise the game is up is like balsam to me.

End of quote.

You may be aware of the “gentle focus” I have sought to bring to this widespread subversion, such as this article or this article. And the so-called multiculturalism “debate” is a classic example, but there are another hundred subjects you could choose, including such things as the Cloward-Piven Strategy or – dare I say it – the holocaust.

And I have seen this censorship at work. For example, Andrew Joyce, under the Twitter handle @AJOccidental began to share the lowdown on a large array of Jews peddling their particular piece of this highly complex and coordinated campaign to deconstruct Western culture and society, a campaign that is centuries old and currently on steroids. Here is a minor example. Only to find that the ability for others to retweet his tweets was disabled by Twitter, causing him to switch to @skype_directory for his tweets. Time will tell how long he is able to use that handle without censorship.

People are waking up to this manipulation – painfully slowly, in my opinion – but it’s growing.

Update: And, lo and behold, the next thing I read is this excellent analytical article by Jonas Alexis entitled Vladimir Putin intellectually destroys NWO agent and Yale historian Timothy Snyder:

Popular historian and Yale professor Timothy Snyder has recently put his credibility on the line by postulating one fallacious argument after another. Snyder argues that Vladimir Putin is a fascist attempting to meddle “in America’s election.”[1]

My respect for Snyder as a historian has now taken a low blow, not because he attacks Russia but because his argument is just logically incoherent and repugnant. Snyder declares that Putin once described the “collapse of the Soviet Union as a ‘geopolitical catastrophe.’” But Snyder did not have the intellectual courage to describe the context in which the statement was uttered.

Snyder does know that this is an ambiguous statement. It could mean that the Soviet Union, like the collapse of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, was a “geopolitical catastrophe.” But Snyder has to leave the impression that Putin was basically saying that he espoused the ideology of the Soviet Union.

Snyder is making a totally stupid move here. He could never tell his readers that Putin declared that the Soviet government’s composition was “80-85 percent Jewish.”[2] Putin moved on to add that those people

“were guided by false ideological considerations and supported the arrest and repression of Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths. They grouped everyone into the same category. Thankfully, those ideological goggles and faulty ideological perceptions collapsed.”[3]

Does that sound like Putin really loves the fundamental ideology of the Soviet Union? You see, Snyder will never tell his readers facts like these because they will ruin his ideological hermeneutic and political manipulation. He adds a perverse political equation in his article which can be debunked with little mental exercise.

End of quote.

From Alexis’ words, you might conclude that he recognises that Timothy Snyder is Jewish and hence speaking “out of the corner of his mouth” on this, but I’m not sure. If you look at Snyder and his positioning, he’s one of thousands of Jews that have been guided into positions of apparent “authority” which, in this case, is academic, from which he can promote his particular thread of this incredibly complex tapestry. And it IS complex, and – almost – all consuming.

And so it goes…


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