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Over the last few weeks I have received some truly extraordinary and humbling feedback on “The True Stories of the Templar Knights”, some of which I am sharing with you below. As you read this feedback, please bear in mind that the reaction of one individual is simply their reaction. Whilst it does tell us something about the material, it does not mean that your response will be the same as somebody else’s.

And now to the feedback:

Received my DVDs a few days ago. Not all the way through them yet. It is hard to stop it once you are watching. The fabric of the story pulls together so many different threads of history from different sources to add a whole different dimension. I would love to see this kind of information in a public school text book. Congratulations!


I just finished watching the DVDs and they were wonderful! The information Carolyn and you brought forth was so valuable. I now wish I had the time and money to go to the Gothic Cathedrals. But maybe as the changes come, we will be able to. Thank you both for this.

Love and Light to you and Carolyn,  Dan

I loved the DVDs of the “Knights Templar.”  Both you and Carolyn did a beautiful job producing the masterpiece.  The Information was fresh and enlightening.  I learned a great deal from your work.

Blessings and Light,  Elizabeth

When I ordered the DVDs, I downloaded the pdf  and started reading a few chapters at night just before falling asleep. On the second night, as I was reading quietly in my room, a man came into my awareness.  I saw him from a distance, standing on a little hill outside, in full sunlight… very handsome, he bore an uncanny resemblance to an actor I had seen in Hollywood films (I don’t follow “stars” and don’t have tv and now I’m feeling a little puzzled and I have to say a teeny bit miffed that this image/person was interrupting my precious reading. I dismiss the image and get back to my reading. Again he appears, holding his arm up as if to say “Wait!” Did I mention that he’s smiling and looks happy? Really happy? It’s a happiness that’s radiating from inside… He’s making his way towards me and I focus my attention on him. That’s when I notice he’s dressed in armour… no words are spoken… none are needed as, slowly, the knowing enters my awareness that we have a direct connection and he wants to give me something… share something with me… to aid me… It was almost like I was falling into his eyes. I feel his joy, his strength… He puts his hand on my shoulder. I feel a mixture of wellbeing, peace, gentleness but mostly this gentle wave of love flowing from him to me… and that’s when I physically felt something letting go inside me… it literally felt like my heart was physically expanding… I saw my heart space seem to grow!

When I came back down to Earth (lol) I realized I had been reading and thinking about how constricted the Templars were in the time they lived… (Well, I really don’t have much to complain about! Now, I don’t go around sighing and moping around (lol) I actually smile, laugh quite often. And life is indeed good.

That took place about a week and a half ago. I haven’t felt the heaviness since. I am humbled by the love and strength this laughing, gentle warrior shared with me. How beautiful is that!

Now I can’t wait to watch the DVDs… just received them!

Much joy and love to you both, Johanne

I managed to read all of it and watched the first half…  The material is really amazing and the reading had my imagination spinning around. While reading I felt a deep connection with every single segment and the energy sensations in my body were fantastic. I intuitively know I was part of Templar history. I still have the Templar cross sign on my pillow which manifested on the day I had my Soul Healing Session with you, back in September 2010.

The Templar cross image that appeared on Štef’s pillow in 2010

There truly are no coincidences ;)… I wish to thank you Richard, Carolyn and Adam for making such a beautiful and magnificent material available for us.

Blessings,   Štef

This information has brought tears to my eyes! I have always had visions, connections and imagery that come to me whilst riding horses … which incidentally I do for a living! Who knows; I probably trained your horse for you at that time, too … LOL!  The planning and knowledge; knowing that this would arrive at the perfect time for humanity is miraculous in itself … the continuous reincarnations of souls to keep this information sacred, alive and intact, now discovered for its intended use only proves that humanity is finally finding its way to the truth! Yes … the truth shall set you free! I can’t thank you and Carolyn enough for doing this and bringing this information forward to us! Bless you both!

Regards,  Roger

Click here to order your set.

I have been absolutely enthralled and amazed at your 2 DVD set True Stories of the Templar Knights!

Everything: the soundtrack, the artwork, the “script”, the wisdom and beauty of the teachings, it’s all so beautiful!! You & Carolyn have produced a very inspiring work of art and I thank you! Every time I watch & listen, I learn & discover some new truths that touch my soul!!

As soon as I finish this note to you I am going to watch the DVDs one more time. And it won’t be my last. I certainly have a visit/pilgrimage to the Gothic Cathedrals at the top of my “bucket list”!

Your videos are a great gift to humanity!  Thank you & Carolyn so much for all you do and all you are!

Sincerely & fondly,  Barbara

I am only halfway through the episodes – you have brought us the truth and an incredible map for my journey home. For instance, I had just read the episode about how the Knights Templar met at the full moon. On May 14, the recent full moon, a different moon appeared in each of my chakras – cleaning, healing, and bringing light. I felt the power of the Knights Templar’s presence, to not only expand my personal walk but also to record the experience.

In truth, the words pale compared to the experience.

With so much love and appreciation, Kathy

And later:

Last evening I was paging through the pictures of the Cathedral – looking at some, meditating with others. I always stop at the picture of the Chartres labyrinth – always trying to walk it in my mind or with my head cursor. Almost magically the symbol of the Knights Templar jumped out from the labyrinth… It is in stripes and comes off the dots at each corner. When looking it’s almost like having 3-D glasses on! I played with this image all night, picturing myself in my wheelchair in the center but only to find the wheelchair disappears and I am standing. I also meditate sitting on the center, at times I am wrapped in an ascending vortex and at other times I am in a ship and able to go anywhere.

This was pretty cool… I feel like we’ve been given a gift; for me, a tool that I’m just beginning to know its secret.

As always, with love and appreciation for all that you both do, Kathy

Chartres Cathedral, which focusses on the heart chakra

I am still on the first DVD–listened up to episode 13.  I am really enjoying this.  It is so fascinating to hear these stories from their own lips.  Up to now, I viewed the Templar Knights as human heroes.  But really, they were far more evolved than I ever imagined, especially as they lived at a time in history when so much brutality existed.  The term “warrior-monks” is so fitting.  It’s wonderful also to hear that the Arc of the Covenant and other treasures were placed for recovery in this time.  That will be almost as awesome as rejuvenation.  May it be so!

Blessings & love, Sandy

True Stories of the Templar Knights is really one of a kind, a monumental work. Told and written personally by the Templar Knights means a lot. This work is done with so much love and care and shows us how important the Templar Knights are for humanity, the Earth, our Cosmos; actually the whole of Creation. I even think that the name is not True History of the Templar Knights, but “True Stories of the Templar Knights” because it is also about now and the future.

There are significant lessons in the stories; for instance, the explanation about how the Merkabah is formed, the function of the Arc of the Covenant, the importance of the human body and many more. Actually, every explanation in these stories is very clear. Now I understand the real meaning of “As above, so below”. I am very glad and it is very important that people get to know the truth about the Real Templar Knights and their significance.

When I reached reading Episode 20, I started to feel and see every cell in my whole body vibrating faster and it seems as if it is happening even faster in my head. This is also the case when I watch and listen to the video and when it is about Chartres Cathedral. It is even happening while I am writing about this. The whole of me is really excited.

Thank you so much Carolyn and Richard for this great work and thank you so much Adam for the beautiful video creation.

Many Blessings, Love, Light, Peace and Joy  Eniet

Included with the transcription of the Episodes is a way to work with the power of the Gothic Cathedrals from your home. Here is Eniet’s experience of working with Chartres Cathedral and its focus, the heart chakra.

This morning I was prompted to do the heart chakra connection with Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral.

First I felt my heart/heart space expanded and became very warm and I could hear my heartbeat. Energy started to flow from my heart through my whole body.  Then I was bathed with a lot of very fine strands of different colours of light coming from Chartres. It is difficult to really describe how I felt, so I will say that it was very wonderful.

Much Love, Light, Blessings, Joy and Peace for you both  Eniet

Just a quick update…..finished watching the first 13 episodes, and they are wonderful! Confirmations come for me in waves of chills, and right now I am really quite cold and must have some hot tea! Huge reminders and knowledge and a building excitement are some of the things I am experiencing right now…… will continue tomorrow and I’ll keep you informed. I so appreciate this project, it is extremely helpful in so many ways……

And for all of it, I thank you and Carolyn for taking it on and then for making it available to us. Kind of like gathering the ‘clan’ together once again……

Love always,  Ann

And later:

I did indeed just finish the entire presentation, and I cannot even BEGIN to thank you and Carolyn enough for bringing the information forth at this time! Not only is the information priceless, but the presentation of it is so beautifully done. Everything affected me so deeply…… and I have started to watch it for a second time….. I’m sure it will reach into even deeper levels.

So thank you again for these channellings…… they are truly priceless and have made a huge impact on me! And yes, the tears did come forth, grateful tears!

With Love and Gratitude,  Ann

And still later:

Just to let you know that the second time around is just as powerful (maybe even more so) than the first introduction…… There is a depth here, not only of information, but something much greater, something containing even more clarity, an even greater connection……

Again, with gratitude,  Ann

And finally:

Just a note….. just finished the second round of listening to the Templar information, and it was very different, in my experience. This time it was not content, per se, but a flow, a rhythm, a continuity, pure vibration. Yes, the information came through, even more clearly, along with a beautiful flowing energy. Another level completely, if you get my meaning. Trouble is, language can get in the way when you are dealing on deep feeling levels. It was as if the entire body, or bodies, were listening and absorbing it all….. and it was much clearer the second time….

My intention is to listen again…..

Personally, it is a beautiful work of art…… and as I write this, I am still resonating in that flow. Delightful! Mellow….

With Love,  Ann

I have finished watching “The True Stories of the Templar Knights”. There was so much information to absorb that it took me a while to get through them.

I was simply amazed at what all the Templars did. I have always been fascinated with the Templar Knights and the Gothic Cathedrals. Whose knows; maybe I was there at that time in history. The graphics on this disc set were awesome. Adam did a very good job. I have really learned a lot from listening to this channeling of the Templar Knights.

One thing that I have always wondered was what was the Arc of the Covenant and why was it so important. I have always had this question since I was very young and I finally got my answer. I have always been interested in the Cathedrals and how they were built back when they didn’t have the tools that we have today. The architecture and carvings are simply amazing. I would love one day to visit one of these Cathedrals and feel the energy that the Templars speak of. I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about buying this set that they will not be disappointed. I LOVED it.

Blessings,  Debra Claybaugh

I watched the DVDs on the Knights Templar and was in awe! Information never released in any form for us to absorb! Tens of thousands of individuals have been tortured and killed over the millennium for this information to be preserved.

The keys to the Gothic Cathedrals which led to their Ascension path into other dimensions was incredible. The mere fact that they held these secrets from the Catholic Church while under the auspices of same, whilst sharing these secrets with initiates that the Catholic Church was in the process of stamping out via the Inquisition showed who the Templars were. Talk about courage at the highest levels.

The DVDs covered everything from where the Ark of the Covenant is currently, to information discovered in Jerusalem from an ancient Atlantean temple site underneath Solomon’s temple. “As Above, So Below” rang out throughout as the French Cathedrals mimicked in location the constellation Virgo in the sky. An initiate could use the temple path to return to full consciousness as our chakras can be used today.

The Templars came to prepare a path that is manifesting nearly 1,000 years later in our time. I have forwarded my set to Mr. John Van Auken from the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, (the Edgar Cayce organization). He is leading his third trip to Europe to visit the sacred sites including some of the Gothic Cathedrals, especially Roslyn Chapel in Scotland, later this year.

Sincerely,  Rick C. Shultz

Click here to order your set.

Viewing and listening to this material is a powerful experience. The energies are even stronger than when just reading the material. And I have been experimenting with combining the energies with those that are currently coming to the Earth and I can recommend that: it seems like the two sources enhance each other and become one stream, even more powerful.

As I am much more sensing energies than seeing them, I only get images when I intend to have them. The same goes for ‘seeing future events, knowing what will come’.

The material deepened my understanding where some choices and preferences in this life originated from; especially my sense for privacy and keeping secrets. And also this knowing from a young age of being different and having to aid, protect and even rescue others. This greater understanding started when I found Carolyn and you, some three years ago.

To complete the feedback: the last week or so were like hell as my physical condition hardly can cope with the new energies coming in. I have often realized how heavy it must have been for Carolyn and probably also for you. So I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and love for us and our work.

Love and light from me to you and Carolyn,   Monique ten Brink

I am in love with the set, and I am only up to episode 20! The presentation is wonderful.  I like the illustrations and how the smaller windows with a different illustration hold the viewer’s attention.  The information is so interesting and compelling, and of course it brings up additional questions for me.  Once I get to the end, I plan to re-watch them.  I already read the notes, and of course have all these pencil notes in the margins.   I am just fascinated, and am fantasizing about a trip to the cathedrals!  Something to daydream about……

Thank you for the wonderful work you do, Richard.

Kind Regards,   Claudia

I have watched the two videos and resonate profoundly with the descriptions and lessons learned from the truth which up until now has been hidden.

Three nights ago I had a very vivid dream about a very large horse.  It was what I would call an ancient “shire horse”.  In the dream this huge animal was writhing in pain from scars and damage done to its back and sides.  It managed to stand up whilst I was talking to it. Suddenly, the beautiful horse stamped and shook itself, just as antelope do in Africa (I’ve seen it out there, having lived there for 17 years) when danger is passed; actually titrating the shock and trauma from the physical body and nervous system.  These magnificent horses were surely the ones we knights used to work with.

I have on two occasions been a bishop in Canterbury here in Kent. I was also a priest in Winchelsea, East Sussex.  I have literally seen what happened when invading forces ransacked the church (which still stands today) and desecrated the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle and burnt the church. I cried when I saw it all again on that same spot. About the 13th century.

Your work has woken me up profoundly, now.  It has all been coming slowly but now it’s like I’m out of the fog.

My love surrounds you both. Maureen

So far I have watched the 1st DVD and as I moved through it, its impact on me grew and grew, and as you and Carolyn alternated the discourse I just got so emotional…seems I was crying and hooting with delight alternately; but more than anything, what haunts me still is the Noble Values they carried and stood for, and how these same values beat so strongly in my own chest…and the sense of ”hiding” what they knew out of absolute necessity seems to be something that follows me life to life also…so I was truly triggered in a very deep way…and I am not sure why that even surprised me?

So I am looking forward enormously to watching the 2nd DVD this evening, and feeling again the high voltage excitement that I feel when I ‘rarely’ connect with something that resonates SO INCREDIBLY HIGH for me…and I am Home!

Always with great appreciation and much love, Adrianna

And then

Well what can I say? What an Epic Experience….what a Masterpiece. How can I thank you enough?

I suppose that the experience was one of watching a dynamic part of history, but it was simply not possible to watch objectively in this case, and so the experience was incredibly intense and impacting as I became ”more and more” an actual participant, and the feeling In my body was as yet inexplicable ? I am different as a result of the Experience. Yet it was not like a ”normal past life experience” per se. So we will see how it evolves as I go stand in the Majestic Doorways of the Gothic Cathedrals? That gave me a giant ”shiver”!!!

As much as anything though I was affected by the sound of  your and Carolyn’s voices, and more so yours Richard. Watching and knowing how deeply you were both involved in this Story of long ago, and yet here as Cherubim we all Love and Honour you both, and you represent the most valuable part of our everyday lives, it sure amps up the expansion of Consciousness we are experiencing…

Much Love and Appreciation for the fine work done by all the team.  Adrianna

I have friends with the facility to view Blu-ray videos on a large screen. So we started last Sunday with the first 11 episodes. Today we will continue – and it will last a month or so until we have worked ourselves through the whole material. The pictures are wonderful, the story not unknown to us as we live in Europe and have been to Chartres etc.,  but we appreciate the details which were channelled to you and Carolyn as well as we enjoy the quality of the pictures. This is why I wanted to buy Blu-ray.

Blessings and joy to you,  Ruth

Black Madonna with child

I thoroughly enjoyed the Templar videos, so wonderful and powerful in beauty and spiritual Crystalline energy. I can see they are great for meditation, transformation and as teaching tools, not the least giving alternative views of how to discern what really happened in our history as regards the Templars and how they built the Gothic Cathedrals – despite the controlling agenda of the Catholic Church. A very good clarification was given as regards the Wonder of how to build these cathedrals.

I have myself tried to make sense of the Templar history, not the least because of a very powerful dream I had on 24 March, 1983. I have written down my dreams going back to the middle of the 70’s. And together with other written material I’ve kept over the years, they now form the base material for booklets to be published – together with the information I also receive from the Akashic records.

The main points in this dream are:

Me and my dream guide meet up with a Templar Knight dressed in white, with a Red cross, riding on a horse. He has a shining dynamic presence and humorously he ‘bumps’ into my guide. Behind him comes a Red (dressed) Knight, also on a horse. This one stops, calls my name and gets off the horse, takes off his helmet and shows a smiling face. He has long black hair and gives me a piece of jewellery set in a ring. When I look at this more closely, it is set in old silver and with a beautiful pearl. When I try to tell people about this wonderful dream (in my dream), nobody gets it. (It has taken me many years to understand this myself).

The Akashic answers regarding this dream (30/10, 2013): The Red Knight is your blood relation to the Goddess line, an endeavour you once crystallized into manifestation in another lifetime. Hence the pearl given, this is a token of you in Spirit. The White Knight – red cross – is a Templar connection you do have, bumping into this life for a reconnection to be made.

With Kind regards,  Birgit N D Edwall

I must express my deepest gratitude to you and Carolyn and Adam for making such a masterpiece of work. Not only the staggering beauty of the images stunned me, but also the profound content of truth, the history that was part of our soul journey, the deep spiritual inspiration of the Knights Templar as a beacon of light to me, but most important of all, I found that it is more than just a truth telling disc set. It is a healing TOOL to me to be exact. I have now been using it to practise for a week or so.

In the first week as I watched it, it had come to my mind that the discs in themselves were made to give a healing effect, whether you did it purposely or not purposely, the subliminal healing effects are obvious. The presentation of the entire story in all the episodes, combining with its visual and audio effects, the intonation of your voices, does have an awakening of our memories, re-activating of our left/right hemispheres of our dormant skills, re-adjusting and re-balancing both of our brains, let alone the remote connection/activation of our Chakra systems to the Cathedrals and the waking up of our Kundalini forces. It is such a wondrous gift to those of us who are willing to prepare ourselves for the miraculous journey ahead and to heal ourselves ……thank you so much.

If I’m correct, the energy of the Templar Knights are embedded in the discs and encoded in those words. Each time before I work with the discs, I call upon the essence of the Templars to come and assist me in the healing/reactivation work. I choose to use the second disc and start from episodes 21-30 which last about 1-1/2 hr., but sometimes may be shorter for just an hour. I began by fully relaxing and sitting at eye-level with the monitor, letting go of the mind, setting an intent softly as to reawaken my memories.  As the episode starts, I gaze very softly at the picture, merging myself into the image, acknowledging but not identifying the content, allowing the staggering beautiful image to merge with me as if I’m standing in the picture. When the left side image starts to pop out and approaching at such a soothing pace, my left eye muscles move to the left to merge with the image and acknowledge its approach, drawing closer and closer, embracing me.  At this instant, I felt certain tinkling sensations and the pulling of my left hemisphere. When the right side image starts, I do the same and the right hemisphere is also adjusting itself. All along, the staggering beauty, tranquility, and stillness of the imagery fills my being. As I proceed, the crown Chakra will have a stronger force acting on it, the warmth of the Kundalini at the base is also detected. Though I did not intend to have forces from the top to act on my 3rd eye or heart chakra, just letting things come naturally. After the exercise, I sit down in silence. Sometimes, flashes of Templar Knights figures arose in my mind’s eye, maybe individually or maybe a few of them arose from a river to form a single row. As I have only just started, I have yet to see how it will develop and would lively memories come back to me.

Thanks,  Steven

What is interesting about Steven’s experience is that he has struggled throughout his life to have any sense of his own spiritual energies.

As I said at the beginning, the experiences of any individual are their experiences and do not mean your experience will be the same as theirs, but their comments suggest there is a power in these videos for those who are open and ready to work with it. I thank all of those who have shared their feedback and experiences with us.

Click here to order your set.

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