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I am discontinuing regular postings to this email list and my blog. Beginning a few weeks ago, triggered by a misalignment in my back, I suffered a severe health crisis.

Whilst I’m well on the way to full recovery thanks to some outstanding chiropractic work, I have long understood that events such as this carry usually multiple messages for us, and one of these was loud and clear. I have a tendency to overwork and I have allowed my life to get significantly out of balance, including the neglect of my physical health and well-being.

These postings have been an attempt to share with those interested a few of my insights and understandings about how the world in which we live is created and manipulated, and I feel that I have done this. I do not intend to take down my blog, as I feel it remains a useful reference list of the subjects covered for those interested. The search field will give you rapid access to the relevant postings on a given subject. And whilst there continue to be several attempts per day to hack my blog, I do seem to have found sufficiently effective ways to keep them at bay.

Whilst there are few who have grasped the totality of the manipulation and control of the consciousness in which we live, perhaps best illustrated by the work of David Icke, there are many who have worked diligently to expose aspects of what you might consider the Matrix. For example, there are those who have worked diligently to reveal the lies and deceit behind the JFK assassination and 9/11 (e.g.  Jim Fetzer and Gordon Duff), along with some of the more recent major false flag exercises such as Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing, in my assessment these individuals do not truly understand the context within which all of this arises.

For example, if you placed yourself in the position of being able to persuade the world to place a value on paper money whilst, at the same time, placing yourself as the ones who would create that money for all of the major countries in the world, I think you can see that, given that you can print such paper money or more accurately the digits in a computer in any bank credit account of your choice, you could readily place yourself in the position of paying anyone’s price that they may demand.

This is EXACTLY what the Rothschilds and their banking friends have done, and they have ruthlessly maintained that financial control, murdering American Presidents and other Government leaders who stood in their way. Seen the Rothschilds or Rockefellers or any of their banking cohorts on any list of the world’s richest? I think not.

Few have understood that one of the key foci of the 20th century was the creation of the state of Israel by the Rothschilds. It is no accident that the creation of the US Federal Reserve by the world’s bankers in 1913 was quickly followed by WWI in 1914, funded primarily out of America, followed swiftly by the Russian Revolution in 1917, led by Zionist interests, funded out of America and seeing the rapid removal of the great Russian wealth into the coffers of the Rothschilds.

If you stand back from the personal horrors of WWI and WWII and look behind the deceit of 6 million Jews dying in the Holocaust, to see the truth that the rooms claimed to have been used at Auschwitz as gas chambers could not practically have been given their design, nor do they contain either the inevitable cyanide residues or the blue staining that would show up from the use of Zyklon B. Certainly there were many Jews killed by Hitler’s regime, but not 6 million. You have to look to Russia for the death of 6 million during WWII – in fact the number was more like 27 million, but we don’t hear about it, nor the 10-20 million Chinese. What we hear about is the fictitious 6 million Jews.

Moreover, I have shared with you the evidence that the genetic origins of most Jewish people is from the Kazakh region, not Semitic and, indeed it has been demonstrated that the so-called Exodus is also a modern myth.

I am not blaming the average Jewish person here, because they are simply the human fodder in this travesty created to serve the interests of the Rothschilds. Which brings me on to the next major plank of this summary, which is how what David Icke calls Rothschilds Zionists essentially control the world behind the scenes.

If you look carefully, it is not difficult to see that Israel is far and away the most powerful country in the world. I had a recent illustration of this when a contact of mine who works in event management in Washington DC mentioned how at the recent AIPAC convention, he was amazed to witness Obama bow and almost kiss the ring of Netanyahu. Obama is in no doubt about where the power lies, and David Icke has demonstrated how the major roles in his administration are filled by Rothschild Zionists. Moreover, Israel has been able to steal technology, nuclear weapons materials, nuclear and other weapons from the United States over the years with impunity, all the while seeing major funding support for Israel flowing from the United States. AIPAC is the controlling vehicle within the United States for the Zionist forces and they are present in all Western and perhaps other countries of the world. But you will not hear of this in the press.

Further, if you scratch the surface of the CIA’s history, you will see that its founder, Allen Dulles was involved prior to the creation of the CIA with helping get Hitler to Argentina after his job was complete and then with Operation Paperclip to move German scientists and human experimenters and abusers to America. It is why I argue that the CIA was actually created to serve Zionist interests, not America’s. Indeed it was co-created with Mossad after WWII and these two have been joined at the hip since their creation.

These are but the financial and political threads. Layered on top of this are so many other lies and deceits. Apart from the audacious 9/11 lie to justify the so-called war on terror and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and which changed the world we live in forever, we have the man-made global warming lie, set up to justify Agenda 21. Whilst the climate lie is looking more threadbare by the day, Agenda 21 has not yet got in the sights of many and it is rolling out rapidly at the local level.

Moreover, we are told that we are alone in the universe and humanity, through Darwinian evolution, has evolved to its highest point at this moment. These are claims that Darwin would never have made, and there is wonderful work being done by Graham Hancock and others to reveal the truth of advanced civilisation on Earth, ending around 13,000 years ago; evidence for which, along with advanced abilities of indigenous people all over the planet have been systematically denied and destroyed for hundreds of years. Moreover, there is abundant evidence of many races and forms of beings from beyond our planet, perhaps the most blatantly ignored being the 2001 National Press Club presentation in Washington, organised by Steven Greer, where extensive evidence was presented by many, well-credentialed witnesses.

These are but a handful of the threads I have shared in this blog. I could readily add vaccination, fluoridation, GMO, Georgia Guidestones… Just today I was talking to a woman who can point without hesitation to the day her son received his MMR shot and the onset of his autism some 15 years ago. The reason I have painted this picture here is to begin to give you a sense of the complexity of what has been and is being created in our world.

I have long held the view that all of this will not be solved within this consciousness. We may see some of its extremes exposed through such things as the common law court ICLCJ associated with the work of Kevin Annett, as it is revealing the satanic cult which exists behind the Catholic and Anglican churches and the so-called royalty of Europe, but all of the best efforts, in my view, will not derail this monster. Indeed, the focus of my blog has really been to expose some of this.

I come from the perspective expressed by Einstein – “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them.” This is the actual focus of my work – to seek to bring forth a change in the consciousness on this beautiful planet of ours.

Will we succeed? I cannot say. There are a group of people who work with us who share that vision. I do know that we live in a special time on planet Earth, a time in the precession of the equinoxes pointed to by ancient cultures across the planet in their monuments, myths and legends. If my understanding is accurate, the civilisation on Earth which disappeared 13,000 years ago also saw humanity carrying abilities most of us no longer have access to.

My focus is to see humanity reclaim that ability, and in doing so escaping the clutches of those who seek to bind us completely – indeed destroy most if not all of us. So I have turned off the flood of information that was coming to me on so many topics, and I am focussing on taking better care of myself and the work I understand I am here to contribute to. May it succeed.


PS I have intentionally placed few links in this article. The search field on my blog at will quickly give you access to any of these subjects.

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