Fiona Barnett Shares Her Child Abuse Involving 3 Former Australian Prime Ministers with Richie Allen

Fiona Barnett shares her story of paedo-satanic abuse with Richie Allen.

Even though the abuse involved three Australian Prime Ministers, one whom she names here as Gough Whitlam, the former Governor General, John Kerr, and the former media mogul, Kerry Packer (all now dead), the role of these satanic practices as the global control system for all of those in power, not only politically but religiously, judicially and corporately, remains largely unrecognised. We have the ongoing, simmering revelations in Britain of politicians engaging in these practices, the revelations of Cathy O’Brien in her book “Trance Formation of America” covering the United States and Canada and Fiona’s covering Australia, the dots do not get joined. Similarly, stories of almost identical child hunting and killing parties in Australia as mentioned by Fiona in this interview, again by Cathy O’Brien in the United States and Toos Nijenhuis in Europe and Britain show this satanic practice is global in nature. Toos also exposed these abuse practices reached to the highest levels of the Catholic and Judaic religions.

Will we see this control system exposed in our lifetimes?

Fiona also mentioned that she has shared some of her experiences at Pedophiles Down Under.

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