George Webb “I’ve Further Evidence Linking Hillary To The Murder Of Seth Rich.”

I’ve written previously about the research of George Webb into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s activities. George posts on YouTube several times/day and I find it impossible to track that level of detail. So, when he spends time giving a summary to Richie Allen, for example, I listen.

This is breathtaking stuff, and it includes naming the murderer of Seth Rich, not to mention the trail of organ harvesting and so much more.

In my opinion, George Webb represents the bleeding edge of this new model of private investigative journalism, something that has died in the MSM. George is the mouthpiece for a vast array of people at home with a computer and their favourite search engine, building on what has gone before, every day. They’re also doing the detective work that none of the police or FBI will do, since they’re compromised.

Worth a listen.

And towards the end, Richie goes right to where I see this all leads – the deeply buried global satanic control system.

Will George’s work expose it?

Although just released today, this interview was recorded 10 days ago and I saw a reference yesterday suggesting that George was being targeted in Washington. I’m not surprised and I hope he survived it to complete this exposure.

It is time.


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